Destiny 2 Waypoint Clans


Hello! Capntastic#1766 applying to join [RTO] on PC. Thanks!


Hey crew!

I play on PC primarily (PS4 to play with my brothers) and just applied to RTO! I’m currently working on getting on the Discord, I think I currently don’t have access to messages because of how new my account is on these forums so I’m just waiting to get in touch with @M_o for that!

My is Hekate #11503, Though it might show up as YungMulder, an older username that doesn’t seem to have updated on Bungie’s end.


Hey all!

I sent a request to join Friends at the Tower. My PSN account is the same as here. I play Warlock almost exclusively and I’m just looking for people to raid/NF with.


Hello, I’m Josh (He/Him) and new here but really excited to play together. I sent a join request to Red Tree Owls. I would request to join the discord, but I can’t seem to figure out how to DM the right person to request access. Perhaps it’s because I’m still new here. A little about me, I’ve been playing Destiny 2 for about a month. I’ve got a Titan around 526? I mostly like PvE and Gambit, but will play some PvP when the prizes are worth losing for awhile :slight_smile:


Request sent to FATT, PSN is OblivionVII

#352 ID PTKay#1498


Anyone who’s playing on Xbox please feel free to add me as a friend. I’m in the clan, with gamertag SvenNomadsson. Because I’m in Finland my times for playing don’t always align for raids, but I’m more than happy to play with others.


HI Waypointers!

I recently became charmed by Destiny 2 and now I have a lot of questions regarding it all, but I just wanted to start by asking:

Are any of the PS4 players here from Europe? Or is it mostly Americans?


i sent a new request to fatt, i got deleted for inactivity but my friend started playing again drugs-dot-jpg


Heya! Long time ps4 player starting PC now. I’d love to join Red Tree Owls. My bnet name is
Maxdanfelix #2117


Hi, I recently applied to the [RTO] clan. My BNet tag is Oishi47#1644.



Looking to join FATT my PSN is montrealmac. Would be happy to play and assist!


Just applied to [FATT] with my PSN account thanat0sNihil! I just got started with D2 with the forsaken release and I hope i can get raiding and running with u guys soon!


Hey guys, coming back to D2 and I was hoping to join RTO on PC if you’ll have me :slight_smile: - bnet name is Rhone bungie account name is Deliciouslunch. I Look forward to playing with you!


Hey all! Just sent to join [FATT] my PSN name is same as here, dctrdischord!

I haven’t been active on here yet, but I’ve been avidly following Cado’s Raid streams and like the idea of having folks to maybe play with!


Switching from PS4 to PC and I’d like to join a clan on PC. My Bnet is Skullpanda#1683


Requested to join RTO. Battlenet id Jackarias#1187
I was in a waypoint clan when destiny 2 launched, but haven’t played in ages.


Alright, I took the chance and applied for the console clan, my PSN name is Dragen667 (Sony, pls)

I’ve been watching Cado’s raid streams recently and have really been digging them!


Hey, Mike here (MIKEYBRAD), just sent a request for Red Tree Owls (PC). Very new to Online gaming, so still super anxious about voice chat, but am eager to get involved with patient, more experienced players. Cheers all


Hey everyone, after completing the first raid at launch on PS4 I basically dropped the game until I built my new PC a few weeks ago. Made the switch over and I’ve slowly worked my way through all the content I missed and am finally getting into the Forsaken stuff. Sent a request to join RTO from BillyGOAT#1366/Tehtoes. Looking forward to playing with everyone from the community!