Destiny 2 Waypoint Clans


Howdy. I was part of [OWLS] back during Leviathan and now with the new expansion looking to sign up with “Friends at the Tower”. My PSN name is TheEntireMuffin.


hi friends - FATT request just sent. I’m weeplord everywhere (twitter, discord, etc) except PSN, where my ID is YoungBatie


Hi! My name is Chris, AKA Goldlink44#1203. I just requested to join RTO on PC! Hoping to join one of the best gaming communities in one of my favourite games :slight_smile:


Hi fellow Waypoint Destineers. I’m hoping to join the Red Tree Owls [RTO]. I meant to join back when Destiny 2 launched but fell off shortly finishing the campaign, but the launch of Forsaken pulled me back in. I’ve played through all of Destiny 2 solo and with matchmaking where available, but now I’m looking forward to having some multiplayer end game fun. treebeard#1198 is the bnet account.


Hello! I’m ennuiaboo on PSN, I was hoping to join the Friends At The Tower clan? I’m not on the discord yet though.


Hey folks, I just sent a join request for battlenet, name should be runebucket#1621. thanks!


Hello friends! Just sent a join request for Friends at the Tower, PSN name isTheRealJeereg. Lookin’ forward to playing with y’all!


Hey all! I just applied to FATT on PSN (StriderDL). I’m just looking for a low key group of good-natured folks that wants to make the numbers go up. I’m a dad of an amazing 2.5 year old daughter with another kiddo on the way, so my time is often limited. So long as I can stay awake I’m up for anything!


Heyo. I’ve applied to RTO (porkbaby#1231).
I’ve been a part of a D2 clan, but I’ve played since launch. I’m already a part of the Waypoint discord server, so I’m excited to actually meet some folks <3


Hi, I just applied to RTO as Cinnaren#1697 on bnet! I’ve been on the waypoint server for a while, but stopped playing for about 2 months while getting ready for school and such.


Just put in a request for RTO. My Blizzard name is CharlesOD#2355. Played with the PS4 clan last year and had a lot of fun, but switched over to PC this year.


Sent a join request for FATT on PSN (Sabastt)


Hi! Just requested to join FATT on psn as WINDEX_666.


Hello! I’ll be buying Destiny 2 soon and I’d like to join the clan. There’s a problem though, and it’s that I’m in Europe, so I’d like to know if there’s anyone in Europe playing Destiny 2 in the waypoint clans, or if not, how’s the experience playing in the american server from europe?


I can’t speak to the number of European players in the waypoint groups, but I’m in the US, and my group is pretty international (lots of UK and EU folks). When I play with those folks I don’t notice any latency or other problems most of the time. It’s conceivably more of an issue in really high pressure PVP, but generally we don’t worry about it.

What platform will you be playing on? Welcome to the grind, I mean game!

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Ok, this sounds promising. Also thank you for the the100 site, it might be useful if it turns out there are lag problems.

I’ll be playing on PC.

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I reapplied to RTO. Was in it last year but I guess the reopening kicked me off. Gyrazel#1881.


Applied to RTO. Just picked up the game after the Forsaken bundle went on sale so I’m a fairly new player, but looking to get into some of the higher level content. DystopiaX#1461


I also applied to RTO. I’m idkicarus#1915.


I just applied to RTO! Bnet: Joebles#1701