Destiny 2 Waypoint Clans

Sent a request for [FARM]. My PSN is OblivionVII

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Sending a request for PALS. My Battlenet is Onijai#2208. Hyped for Tuesday!!

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Sent a request for PALS. Fourman#1657 is my ID.

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I’m Pseudo#1403 and just threw in a request there to join the PALS, POPPLIO FOR LIFE. Sure wish the PC release wasn’t out in the week of Every Game Ever releasing, but I hope to get at least a few hours in!

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Hey there, I’m sending a request to join [FARM] , my PSN is ZimbAdam. Been a member for a little while, meant to post in the old thread ages ago, but I’m gonna try and be a bit more active now. It’d be cool to play with y’all.

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Cool, seeing how I joined this seems like a great way to be apart and get to know the waypoint community.
Sent a request for [PALS] as Mozendo. My battle tag number is #1875 I believe

Hi all! I’d love to join the [PALS] clan if there’s still room! i’m sending a request from the bnet ID fleurilu#1743 :slight_smile:

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Hi! this seems to be a nice to be. I’ve sent a request to [PALS] as satancat#1356. Can’t wait to finally try out a destiny game

I just submitted a request for FARM - XBL is Gjallarsean.

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Hey all! It’s almost here (for PC)! I’m sewcrates#11582, and looking to join up with all you PALS out there.

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Hi! New to Waypoint would love to join the [PALS] clan if there is still room. Request sent my bnet ID is Totenkinder#11128. Can’t wait to for Tuesday!

Nox#1420 for Poplio Pals

Hi! Aspiring PAL here, Bund#11182. I’m an on and off lurker of the forums and aspiring game dev. I’ve had a great time playing PUBG with waypoint folks and I’d love to join you all in Destiny!

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Hello! Sent a request to [PALS]. Charlie#13696

heyo! Just sent a request to join the Popplio pals PC clan. bnet tag is “praisedasun”

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I am 35 years old gamer, from Canada, played the hell out of Destiny 1 on console, played Destiny 2 on Xbox One (I have a 305 Warlock there).

Now switching to the PC version, looking for a welcoming clan to find fun people to do some PVP, Night Fall and the Raid down the line.

Battlenet ID : PsychoBen777#1917



Hi! I’d like to join those Popplio Pals on PC, gamertag is tomathon#1585!

I’m new to the forums but have been reading waypoint since it launched, looking forward to to finally playing this game and finally getting to know the waypoint community a bit!

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Hey I just sent a join request to PALS.

I’m Phosgene#1249.


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Hey I just sent a join request to [PALS]

My Battlenet is Randsalian#1649

Request to join [RTO]!

battlenet lokomotive#1588!