Destiny 2 Waypoint Clans


Signed up for RTO. I’m too new to even know what clan mechanics really are but I’m in for WP the community. PerezMH#1547


Hi I just requested to join RTO I’m Strix#2240 on battlenet!


I finally requested to join RTO as dusktk#2570.
Also can anyone tell me what the name means? I get the red tree part but not the owls.


Thanks! I’m also a European player and it’s good to know this would be fine. My work hours are pretty nutty so the occasional time-difference raid wouldn’t be end of the world. I’m in a struggling EU clan at the moment and feel it would be a bit of a dick-move to jump ship, but I do love Waypoint and its fans so I’ll keep you guys in mind for the future! Feel free to add me if anyone wants general D2 buddies - PSN: Audio-philia


Hey there, looking to join [FATT] my PSN tag is nepoma000


Sent a request to join RTO, new platform, fresh start! Looking forward to having text chat, haha…


Hey! I just requested to join [RTO]! I’m Shazbot#11227 on battlenet


Hello! I requested to join [FATT] my psn tag is muffinsyay


Hello, I just requested to join [RTO]. Im canuk#1422 on battlenet.


Hello. I just requested to join [RTO]. I’m SparkDatBled#1226 on


Hey! I just send a request to join RTO. I’ve also requested discord access and introduced myself in the other page of the forums. My battletag is Bendir#1428. Can’t wait to play with you all!


Hello! Just sent a request to RTO on PC. My name thing is Coldhands#1946. I never even considered buying Destiny 2, but getting it for free turned it into a huge timesink. I’m in the process of getting my friends to download it, and I’d love to join an established community that seems to share my values like this one!


Hi! Just sent a request to join RTO as BroknRhubarb#2154. I’m brokenrhubarb on the Discord too. Looking forward to doing some of these “raids”


Hi there! I just requested to join RTO! Blissmuffin#1402
Lon time listener, love the community, plus you know my SO is already in clan :slight_smile:


Sent a request to RTO, thefncrow#1201 . Decided to give Forsaken a try (and switch over to the PC version) after I burned out on base Destiny 2, although it was fun running the raid with a Waypoint crew.


Hello there I would like to join FATT clan on xbox one my gt: DERSU117


Hey, I probably replied in here somewhere before but I’m getting back in to the game and I’m looking to join up with RTO. VucubCaquix on battlenet


Just as a heads up, there is almost nobody who is on Xbox in the waypoint clan. I’ll add you on XBL though.


Just sent in a request for PALS, my bnet is henstomper#1774


Hello! I’ve just sent in a request to join RTO. My Battle dot net ID is trivialmind#1705 .

Hope there’s still room.