Destiny 2 Waypoint Clans


Glad to have you joining since I think I’m the only one that seems to play on Xbox. That said I’m at GMT+2 so I play at odd hours.


Heeeeeeey everyone, put in my “application” to join the RTO clan but I’m still waiting! Can anyone help me out?

BattleNet ID is CosmikDebris#1464


Hey folks. I’ve sent my application to RTO clan. Looking forward to raiding together. My Battlenet ID is Nevermore#1684. Cheers.


Hey, applied to RTO under PrismaPunk#1403 thanks, and I look forward to the fun.


Hello, just submitted a request to join the Red Tree Owls, my bnet is CrimsonDove#1767


Hey there, I just sent a request to join FATT on PS4.

My PSN id is corasaurusjrex.


Hi :wave: looking to join FATT as well. My PSN is mcrbrts


hi, i just sent a request to join RTO, my bnet is Jaju#11835.

i’ve been active in FATT but am making the switch over to PC. i think the PC clans may be at capacity now but i wanted to put my request in here for when space does become available.



Hi! My name is Evan and I was in Owls in the Barn, but never noticed it closed. I’ve been active every week since Forsaken, and just purchased the season pass. I’ll be playing regularly for the foreseeable future, and would love to participate in FATT :slight_smile: PSN: EvGar


I would also love to join up with FATT! I’ll send the request in game shortly, PSN name is AttorneyAtRaw.


Whoops, my bad. It’s Attorney_At_Raw. Either way, request sent!


I’m on xbox! @voidwhichbinds here, on twitter and xbla


Aiming to join RTO again after the wipe. My BNet is watshisname#1616.


Just added you! :smile:


new to destiny and would like to join RTO! i’m Lamprey#11603


im endofsadness93… i have 2 toons do i need to log in on both?


Hello! My Xbox tag is “Sihr” and I’m looking for some good people to play D2 with. I have 650 characters of every class and raid experience. I do not currently have Discord access and as far as I can tell there is no Xbox clan so this feels like a shot in the dark but please feel free to message me at any time for raids, nightfalls, EP etc.

Happy (early) New Year!


Hey team - I was a previous Friends At The Tower member but stopped playing after a couple of months. Just picked up Forsaken and I’m looking to jump back in - looks like I was dropped from the clan at some point (fair enough!) but looking to rejoin! My PSN is icanseemonsters - I just sent a request!


Hi! There are a handful of us on Xbox. I’m playing a bunch through the rest of my holiday vacation so maybe we can connect. Feel free to add me: TestApparatus. I’ll add when I’m online tomorrow.


Feel free to add me: GjallarSean on XBL.