Destiny 2 Waypoint Clans


I just sent my request over for Popplio Pals: ScallyCap#1106 on Bnet.

Thank you!


Hey all! I just requested to join FATT as Maultaschen. I started playing over the holiday break and I’ve got one character up to 485. Hope to play with some people soon!


Hello I am Trypa#1171 and I would like to join RTO. I am in uni and play lots of destiny 2. I’m looking for a clan that can show me the inside and out of this game.


hi!! i applied to pals. my thing is karenko#1806. thank you


Hello everyone! I’ve been looking for a Destiny Clan on PC to join and a friend of mine in RTO recommended that I come here because of the great community. Would love to become a part of it! GizBro#1456 on BN.


Hi Friends,
Looks like PALS and RTO are full. I’m looking for a good, safe community to game with. I’d love to join one of the Waypoint PC clans if a spot opens up, but I’d be open to other suggestions if anyone knows of other nice gaming groups.
~ TheWannabe


@TheWannabe @ryoungz

Hi there! I have sent you both invitations to the Popplio Pals clan following some pruning of our most inactive players. :+1:

(if you would rather join RTO I can reserve you a space and see if anyone in the clan is happy to swap over to PALS)


Hey y’all, I posted in this thread a while ago but I think it got lost. My PSN name is muffinsyay and I’m looking to join [FATT].


Hello! I just sent a join request to Popplio Pals.
My battlenet ID is ehhhhhhhhhhh#11542, I’d been playing Destiny 2 pretty actively from Warmind through the release of Black Armory, but dropped off when I couldn’t really swing the season pass. I was into raiding, though only did Last Wish 3 times as opposed to the many times I did Leviathan, though not so much into PVP.
Now that I’m employed I’ve got less time for Destiny, but at least I can hop on to the new season pass content!


hello! i’m applying to pals, if there’s any space available! my bnet id is chieguevara#1620


Thanks for the add! Looking forward to playing with anyone who wants to do any Vanilla D2 stuff until I finally spring for Forsaken.


Hello! I requested to join Pals


Hey, I just sent in a Popplio Pals application. I’ve been way into Destiny since I got the base game free but I’ve never got enough people together to do a raid. Looking forward to see if I get in!

My Bnet is UnnervedMink#1865


Hello, I just sent a request to join Red Tree Owls. My friends got me back into destiny after i dropped off from Osiris and I’m looking forward to doing some cool clan stuff!

Bnet name is - muchobeans#1546


i and a clanmate ran into you in crucible earlier and just wanted to say that we loved your name, and it’s super cool to find another positive inclusive clan out there in the saltmines that are destiny.


Hey there! My name is David and I’m a PS4 player who just sent a request to join FATT, my PS4 username is Glove_00, I’ve got one character, a hunter, up to 650 and would love to play with ya’ll!


Hi! I just sent in a request to join the Popplio Pals. Been poking at Destiny for a couple months, interested in trying out some of the more social aspects with a rad and inclusive group.

I’m over at Soviet#1814 on battlenet.


Hi! Just submitted my application to RTO, my bnet is lokomotive#1588. I’ve been getting back into destiny. Trying to get everything done before jokers wild and finding good people to play with! (Raids, Exotic Bounties, Shattered Throne, etc)


Hello, I sent a request to join PALS. Ive been wanting to do more of the co-op stuff after playing it solo for for a long time now and the waypoint community seems cool and nice. my bnet is solidJELLO#11880


Hi everyone. I’ve been a Waypoint fan since the start, but never posted on the forums before. I got hooked on Destiny 2 when it was given away for free. I only have one friend who plays, though, so I’ve never done a raid, nightfall, or any more focussed group content. I was hoping to join Popplio Pals to dip my toe into a welcoming community.

I have a Warlock at 650, play on PC, and I’m on the east coast of Australia. I’m MrNeutronEsq#1686 on BattleNet, and I just sent an application.