Destiny 2 Waypoint Clans


I just sent my request over for Popplio Pals: ScallyCap#1106 on Bnet.

Thank you!


Hey all! I just requested to join FATT as Maultaschen. I started playing over the holiday break and I’ve got one character up to 485. Hope to play with some people soon!


Hello I am Trypa#1171 and I would like to join RTO. I am in uni and play lots of destiny 2. I’m looking for a clan that can show me the inside and out of this game.


hi!! i applied to pals. my thing is karenko#1806. thank you


Hello everyone! I’ve been looking for a Destiny Clan on PC to join and a friend of mine in RTO recommended that I come here because of the great community. Would love to become a part of it! GizBro#1456 on BN.


Hi Friends,
Looks like PALS and RTO are full. I’m looking for a good, safe community to game with. I’d love to join one of the Waypoint PC clans if a spot opens up, but I’d be open to other suggestions if anyone knows of other nice gaming groups.
~ TheWannabe


@TheWannabe @ryoungz

Hi there! I have sent you both invitations to the Popplio Pals clan following some pruning of our most inactive players. :+1:

(if you would rather join RTO I can reserve you a space and see if anyone in the clan is happy to swap over to PALS)


Hey y’all, I posted in this thread a while ago but I think it got lost. My PSN name is muffinsyay and I’m looking to join [FATT].


Hello! I just sent a join request to Popplio Pals.
My battlenet ID is ehhhhhhhhhhh#11542, I’d been playing Destiny 2 pretty actively from Warmind through the release of Black Armory, but dropped off when I couldn’t really swing the season pass. I was into raiding, though only did Last Wish 3 times as opposed to the many times I did Leviathan, though not so much into PVP.
Now that I’m employed I’ve got less time for Destiny, but at least I can hop on to the new season pass content!


hello! i’m applying to pals, if there’s any space available! my bnet id is chieguevara#1620


Thanks for the add! Looking forward to playing with anyone who wants to do any Vanilla D2 stuff until I finally spring for Forsaken.


Hello! I requested to join Pals