Destiny 2 Waypoint Clans


Hey there! Just sent a request to RTO, I’m DonMnemonic#1400. Been playing since D1 with a fam of Australian pals on PS4 (I’m NZ based, but play at all hours). Have since switched to PC and looking for some chill people to group up with, keen for anything.

Good hunting!


Tag is CaptCommando4 Applied for the FATT group on Xbox. Add me if you need a warm body for anything!


Fell back in the destiny hole a few weeks ago and it feels like it’s sticking way more than last year. Almost certainly never gonna raid, but I’d be happy to do most other stuff. I’m sprkltne on psn.


Hi, fell back into destiny hard this week. Looking to join friends at the tower. Psn is manofblarg


Hi, I’m Ashe, I sent a request to Red Tree Owls. I play a lot of Destiny but only recently joined the Waypoint community. Y’all seem super cool. is AsheS#12378


Hi! I was in OWLS back near Destiny 2’s launch, and would love to rejoin FATT on PS4 now that the season has changed over. My PSN username is jashirai. :tada:


I finally managed to unlock Parcel of Stardust last night. It’s the one gun I’ve been pining for simply because it’s a no nonsence Resident Evil-ass shotgun.

I am part of the RPS clan on PC but am having to look elsewhere for a group to go after the Thorn quest? Chasm of Screams? Anyone need to do the quest?


Hello! I am new to Waypoint forums, but I’d love to play destiny with some nice people. I sent a request to Red Tree Owls, and my battlenet id is Pidgeyy#1515


Hey, I’m Ben (he/him/they/them), Canadian folk. I don’t generally post on discord or the forums a ton, cause fear of missing out is a real jerk, but I’m hoping to join FATT! My psn is dnmph


Not everyone wants to Discord, but people have a generally had good luck with getting help for any kind of stuff on the Waypoint Discord in the D2 channel.


Hey, I’ve been playing Destiny totally alone like an idiot, and I’d love to join the Red Tree Owls on PC. My Battle Net ID is EndieBabble#1210. I’m currently working through the Fallen story-line, so I’m not quite at Peak Optimal™


Looking to join the Red Tree Owls on PC, Battle Net ID: Musashi#12540. Pretty much looking to finally do…everything you can’t do solo in this game!


Hey all, I decided to jump into Destiny after that recent Forsaken sale and am working my way through all the content. If y’all have space in the Popplio Pals [PALS] clan I’d love to join up. My ID is ShaveIce#1768. Thanks!


Hey y’all,

Requested to join the Popplio Pals clan on PC.
Been playing pretty much exclusively solo, so I’d love to be able to jump into some group stuff.


Hey everyone, looking to join Popplio Pals. Aruesmyth is my destiny 2 PC name. Looking to hit up everyraid. I’m about ready, 695 light level.


howdy, I picked popplio in moon, and therefore I too am a popplio pal, also I would like to join the d2 clan. my bnet handle is uriel#1252 :alien:


If someone posted this question above I apologize, is there any chance of this spreading to other games/Xbox One?


I don’t think we have quite enough xbox users on the regular to warrant a clan for that platform? Not that I think people would be opposed to it, but a clan does need a certain amount of regulars to really benefit from the clan structure.


Would love to join FATT! Just requested. My PSN ID is AlectricFeel, recently changed from mystchimaera (which I believe is still my BattleNet ID)


Hey hey! I would love to get in on Poppito Pals if there’s still room. My Bnet ID is Cvamped#1720