Destiny 2 Waypoint Clans

That’s fair, thanks.

Howdy, I’m looking to join the PSN FATT clan, I played a whole bunch of Destiny 1 and somehow only fell into the Destiny 2 hole recently. My PSN ID is deebeejay_3rd

Hi, I just applied to RTO for PC. Was a day one destiny player for d1 and d2. Usually online for majority of Saturday, partial sundays and sporadically throughout the week.

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Hey everyone. I would like to join FATT on console but I’m an Xbox player does anyone in these clans play on Xbox or is everyone primarily on PS4. Gamertag is Henzface.

Most people are on PC. There’s enough PS4 people to raid. We honestly have very few xbox players, but someone further up in the thread asked a similar question, so it’s possible there is a sleeper community of xbox players.

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:wave:, there are some Waypoint Xbox folks but we’re not very actively playing Destiny right now. I’d still like to get my recluse this season, though! (But haven’t played comp for a month…!) That said, feel free to add me! TestApparatus.

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Hey, was hoping to join FATT on PS4. My PSN ID is i8ursandwich.

Would also be really keen to join FATT on PS4, PSN is Audio-philia

Hey there everyone, getting into the game super late I know, but after playing for a few months by myself, I’m finally at power level of 600, and I feel ready to join FATT. My PSN is damcymonkey (I should really change that one of these days…)

Hey there! I was hoping to be able to join the Friends at the Tower clan, my handle is musicalemjay as well. I am extremely new to Destiny but I’m just about done the campaign and would love to join up with some people for raids/strikes/etc.

Looking to join Friends at the Tower! PSN: MorphThunder13. Will send request soon.

i’d love to get into popplio pals if y’all still have space! my battlenet id is superHeroic#1179 !

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Howdy, long time Destiny player looking to join Friends at the Tower on PSN if possible! PSN name is Sockadoo

Hey guys!

Could I join a clan?

I’m on PS4, ID is ThatDiscoKing

Hello! I’d like to join Friends at the Tower if possible. My PSN ID is cat_dot_com

Hey I am looking to join the PALS clan, I sent a request under bort. Really want to get back in for the next season. Thanks!

Hey there! I just sent a request in to the Popplio Pals Clan. Keen to get back into the game. My battlenet tag is Andonious#1909


Hey, looking to get back into Destiny, sent a request to PALS under A1iPalla

Just sent a request to join Friends at the Tower. PSN is sinfony47.

Hi! Just sent a request to PALS as LooseCannon#1316.