Destiny 2 Waypoint Clans


I just sent a request to join up with the Popplio Pals. I’d love to have some [PALS] to play with.
Battlenet name: Puphles#1732


sent a request to join RTO, bnet: jazzcatte#1972

(edit: also my gf if possible, she forgot her login and cant post herself, bnet: WyattSalazar#1931)


Hey all, Just wondering if I can Join Poppilo Pals for the PC? Request to join Popplio Pals. Bnet PolarBair #1411


Hi there, I’m hoping to join RTO. My tag is Awesomeclaw#2704


Request to Popplio Pal up! BNet bookhater#1730


Hello im completely new to the forums, but ive been following waypoint for a while.
I have a bunch of anxieties around talking to people, but i would like to try and get outside my comfort zone with Destiny 2 and find some nice inclusive people to play with.

so id like to join POPPLIO PALS my Bnet tag is Glurgr#2311


Just applied to POPPLIO PALS, didn’t know I could apply to PC clans before the game is available. I hope to get in!
Bnet tag: Arenow#1326


Hi all, I just sent a request for the Red Tree Owls on PC. I normally play after 8:30 PM EST, once my kids are in bed.
Battle net user ID Taborcarn#1513


HI All!

Just sent a request to join the Popplio Pals Clan! My BNET ID is Brickfrog #1225!

Let me know if you need anything else!

I’M SO EXCITED :smiley:


Hey people,

Sent a request to join the Popplio Pals Clan, my Battlenet ID is MadPupil #1942

Let’s play some destiny 2


Due to the unexpected and massive influx of users this week, both the console and PC clans for Destiny 2 are currently only accepting legacy users (joined before October) at this time. Existing requests will be reviewed this week. Thanks for being understanding about this and sorry for the inconvenience!


Hey everyone. Hoping to join RTO with Battlenet Treppass#2825.

Never got round to the raids in D1 so looking for a friendly group to tackle the end game in D2 :slight_smile:


Hey folks! I’m hoping to join Popplio Pals with y’all. My Battlenet ID is acfoltzer#1258.


@plethomacademia suggested I join up here for the destiny PC clan. My battlnet id is: Wildcarde#1830


Hello all! I don’t post on the forums much but am fairly active over on the Discord. Would love to join Popplio Pals and play with ya’ll! BattleNet is Orpheus94#1506


Got the game on PC and sent a request to join Popplio Pals. My Battlenet ID is TimmiT#2204


Hey y’all,
I’m about to start up destiny for the first time and would love to experience it with this great community.
Famomile#1723 [PALS]


I’d like to apply for PALS. My bnet is BPHusker#1876.


Hey I send a request to both of the pc clans because I’m not entirely sure what the difference is :stuck_out_tongue: Anyways I’m Strix#2240 on battlenet and very much looking forward to playing with you all!


Hey, looking to apply for PALS. is PorkyNapalm#1719. Thanks!