Destiny 2 Waypoint Clans

Submitted for RTO! Still waiting on my discord request to be approved.

Just got a PC, so mostly switching over! My steam name is faint121234!

Just submitted a clan request to RTO. I ran a 12 man Nightfall with some of you last night and realized what I’ve been missing from a more active clan! My steam name last night was AR.

Hi, I just sent a request to join [FATT]. I’m not sure if this is still the place to message for joining. I’ve been playing with other waypoint guardians for about a year now and am fairly active in the discord. Looking forward to joining the clan!

PSN: Facultystaff

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Hi, I’d like to join 5 Star Runtimes to be part of a more active clan with people I know. Illvillainy on Steam, Newtype Flash (I think) on Bungie, and Ill in the Discord. Thanks!

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Hey y’all! Requesting to join Friends At The Tower to run strikes and higher level content with friends. I’m MrHeston on Bungie and Heston on steam.

Thank you!

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Hello! I’m looking to join up with Red Tree Owls with my best bud and ex-clown car rider Zagreus. My steamid = paneintheglass.

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Requesting to join 5*! My Steam username is ward of bort, and my Bungie username is superHeroic.

Hey y’all! Not sure if this is breaking protocol but I’m requesting an invite for my wife to Friends at the Tower! Her name is QuantumSarah. We’re destiny pals.

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