Destiny 2 Waypoint Clans

Hello, I’m Jetheren. I’m a returning Destiny player coming back from a long hiatus and would like to join one of the Waypoint clans. I sent a request for Red Tree Owls [RTO]. Looking forward to figuring out all the new content.

Hey there, this is THKRISES looking to join 5 Star Raidtimes and to have fun!
Request sent!

Hello there. I’m twinb#3993 in the destiny-verse. looking to join five star raidtimes! I just sent a join request. I mostly play on Stadia but I think crossplay is live so that might matter less these days?

Hi all, I just sent in a request to join the PALS clan. My gamer tag is Shibboleth#8098.


Hello! I just sent a request to join the PALS clan. My gamer tag is grimdarks#1426. Thank you!!

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Hello! I’ve just sent in a request to join PALS, I used to be part of Red Tree Owls and am returning to the game again. My tag is Bootleg Pizza#8986. Cheers!

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Hi! I sent a request to join RTO, my bungie ID is MalkToast#2227. I’ve been lurking on the Discord for a while, and I think it’s time I stop treating D2 like it’s a single player game.

Hello! I just sent a request to join the Friends at the Tower clan. My gamertag is ChumaTheUnicorn#7897. Thank you!

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Just sent a request to Five Star Raidtimes, username Lovna Gworl#7149

Hi , just sent a Clan Request to five star runtimes! UN: astronaut-shark#8583

Did you ever get admitted to the clan? I think the founder has been offline for quite some time, so not sure who the admins are

Hello! My BNet is Velociraptor13x#5285 and I’m hoping to join Red Tree Owls! Hoping to be in the Discord soon!

Hiya! Just sent a request to join Friends at The Tower. Tag is nocash#8537.

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Deleted, wrong reply target. x.x

Popplio Pals has an opening? Duck#6519 would love to apply.

(Duckerby on the Discord, if you prefer poking me there for any questions needed. I do prefer that there but I’m flexible)

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yo folks, I would love to apply to the Five Star Raidtimes Clan! i’m trying to get back into Destiny 2 and I would love to be part of a Waypoint community clan.

About to send a request to RTO, back in the Destiny swing! Irvandus#4409 in game (Irvandus on the discord btw, was using a different username that did not stick in 2017, the ghost of WoW haunts us all)

Just sent an request to the FRIENDS AT THE TOWER [FATT] clan. Nartman23#2696 in game. Thanks y’all!

Wanted to try and hop into an open D2 clan. I’m on Steam PC, profile name is Jibblypuff#9292. I sent a join request to Friends at the Tower. Thanks for organizing these clans!

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