Destiny 2 Waypoint Clans


Hi everyone. Me, my girlfriend and my gaming buddy would love to join PALS. We’ve applied on the website thing, we’re Nugnip#2910, Azalais#2585 and Popotte#2461. We need friends and a home in Destiny!


Hey! Just sent in the application for Friends at the Farm Clan. Playing Destiny on PS4 and still trying to figure everything out. Bounced from D1 in vanilla stage so I’ve got catching up to do and would love to do so with a much more inclusive and friendlier clan.

EDIT: Oh, I’m “movieguyjon” on every service.


Hi @Nugnip! It’s been a really fun time to play with everyone here so far, I’m sure it will be a good home for you. Could you however ask your partner and friend to go through the application process and apply to become forum members first? We want to make sure that everyone takes note of the rules and guidelines. Thanks!


Yeah sure, we’re doing this right now! Thanks!


Hey @crasstiger this is Azalais, Nugnip’s girlfriend. I’ve applied here and on the PALS clan page too! Thanks!


Hi @crasstiger I am Popotte, Nugnip’s gamebuddy he mentionned in an earlier post. I’d like to apply to PALS and join you all to have fun on Destiny 2. Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey folks! Just sent a join request to [RTO] my Battlenet name is Kother#1820. Excited to hang out in space with y’all.


I just applied to the [RTO] clan page as Intangir#1520. Just hit level 5, still can’t believe how good and smooth the game is. Hope the rest of it lives up to the hype and cant’ wait to play with everyone!


Hey Im new to the forums but Id like to join Poplio Pals, and would like to tag along for some interstellar fun. Battlenet tag Shasocais #2257


Howdy! Would be awesome if I could join RTO with Battlenet johng#1371 :grinning:


Hey, more of a peruser than a poster but I’d love to join Popplio Pals.

Bnet Tag: Irvandus


Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, but where are clans communicating? The clan chat for PALS has been pretty much dead all day, having trouble finding a fireteam.


Hi there, I’d like to join PALS, my friends Weregazelle and Gregoriath are already in! My Battletag is Hidama#2846

Thanks in advance!


Hey i’m looking to join PALS, @Gregoriath recommended it to me! My battle tag is Yojimbo#21878


started destiny 2 today , looking to join Popplio Pals [PALS] on pc if i could, my battle net name is rena#2544


Started playing destiny 2 as well, pretty sure PALS is full up already but if not I would like to join. Battle net tag is limak#2788


Looking to join [PALS] if it’s not full already!! I mostly lurk here and Discord at this point, but I sent a request on Soup#1539


Hi all,

Just sent a request for FARM.

dmaul1114 is PSN.

Full disclosure, I’m not super active in that I haven’t been doing nightfalls (though I’m willing) and don’t have time for the raid. I do get my weekly clan XP every week though (already did this week earlier in the dead clan I just left though!).

I’d love to be in a more active clan to get the other rewards and hopefully start doing some nightfalls and a raid down the road, but no hard feelings if you only want more active members.


New to the forums but not to the Waypoint peeps or their content. Looking to join the rest of the [PALS] out there on PC. BNET username is Skyfire.


Hey guys! Looking to join RTO, BNET tag is Kempy145#2285.

Very active and one of my friends has been accepted today too. Going for all that endgame content, looking forward to it! :slight_smile: