Destiny 2 Waypoint Clans


The PC Clan Popplio Pals is nearly full 92/100. This is a reminder that once again all clans are currently only accepting legacy members (those that joined before October) of Waypoint. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Hey friends, looking to join Popplio Pals, bnet tag is TheStills#6823


Hey, I’m RobotGoggle/GothBoyImposter on the Discord.

My Bnet tag is GothImposter#1872

Excited to play with you all on PC!!!

And I want to join PALS!
Message I made below I mistyped, sorry!


Hey all, just sent an invite to [PALS] as pizzaparties#1350.


Applied to the PALS, but didn’t realize that recruitment was limited at the moment. Have been lurking since the forums were opened, but just never bothered to make an account until today. Ah, well. Hope things open up in the future!


I’m Knight#1211, and I’d like to join Popplio Pals!


Hi! Turing#1418 here. I’d love to fine a long term group with hours we can work out in the future for PC Destiny 2 Raids.


Just applied for PALS, not quite sure it’s gone through though. BattleNet is Charles4U#2409


hey! swords#21215 on bnet, just sent a PALS application.


Magiskull#1266 on bnet, would love to join Popplio Pals. My main qualification is that I nicknamed my Popplio in SuMo “Hatsunamiku” and I think that’s really clever.

E: Oh, looks like I didn’t join the forums early enough. Bummer! Well, if that lightens up in the future, let me know. I did have Austin read one of my emails on an earlier episode of Waypoint Radio if that’s any qualification, haha.


Hey all! Total Destiny newbie here. Never played the first one, haven’t played this one on console. Will be going through the single player for a while, but otherwise am definitely interested in being a PAL. tag is Kyramor#1666.


Hi, I’d like to join the PALS clan! I’m pretty sure I’m a legacy user but I do not know how to check. xD My bnet tag is thatdarnkat#1256 & I’ve already sent a request through bungie to join.


Hi everyone. I would really like to join PALS if there are still spots. I need more Destiny friends. My bnet is Untenable#11255.


Applied to join the PALS!


Been a listener/lurker here for a while, figured I should probably say hello :slight_smile: See you on PC!


Just sent a request to join the Red Tree Owls. ID Korax#1293


Sent a request to join red tree owls. My username is BillTheCat#1543.
Thanks :smiley:


Hey everyone just an update about the Destiny Clans

Popplio Pals is at Capacity at this point so anyone who wishes to submit to a clan at this point would be better off requesting with Red Tree Owls.


Hello everyone. D1 and D2 (three character maxed on PS4 already) veteran here. Finally get to play a Destiny on PC, and I am loving it thus far.

I would like to be added to the Red Tree Owls [RTO] pc clan if at all possible. I sent a request to join. Bnet id: NeoKnight#11652


Blackie62#11873 requesting to be added to Red Tree Owls.

…Yes I’m being bad and switching because I like the name Red Tree Owls more than Popplio Pals.