Destiny 2 Waypoint Clans


Hey all :smile:
I’m new to these forums. I’ve been a fan/reader/listener of Waypoint since it launched and I just started Destiny 2 on PC, so I found myself here.

I’m hoping to join Red Tree Owls (but if you are getting too many requests I totally get it. No worries).

My BNET is DustMonkey#11882

Take care

Plans for another Destiny PC Clan?

Bartil#2909 requesting for Red Tree Owls, just sent the request on BNET.

Have posted on the forum and discord a few times, but mostly just a silent fan of all things Waypoint since launch. Mainly looking for a online community that’s more progressive and inclusive, compared to the bad experiences I’ve had with garbage in-game communities in the past.

Hope to see you all in game!


Submitted a request for Red Tree Owls too - Zojun#2427.


Fan of Waypoint looking to join up with the PC destiny clan, Red Tree Owls Bnet ID: Kandoo#1213


lazerdiscus#1636 looking forward to joining the Red Tree Owls


Jackarias#1187 submitted for the Red Tree Owls!


Here for PC AsteriskCGY#1353 for Popplio Pals, beceause Popplio was my Sun starter.


Hello, I just joined looking to get in the Red Tree Owls on PC. Been listening to Waypoint since the beginning and looking forward to chatting with y’all. simpsonsfury#1101


Legacy lurker here, sent an application to Red Tree Owls! BNet ID is roamunit#1405



Looking to join either [PALS] or [RTO] if there’s any spaces available. New to destiny and playing solo and sometimes with a buddy but could definitely use some game friends


I just beat a giant mechanical flying eyeball to death with a glowing purple wonder woman shield. I think I like this game.

I’d love to join either of the PC clans if invites are going out! Hadrian#11235


Hey I’m join requesting RTO Ashuccino#1738


Hey everybody! I just sent a request to Red Tree Owls on PC! Excited to play all the D2 again! Been playing Destiny since launch and would love to help new players and show them why I enjoy this world so much!

Oh! my battle tag is ajman1101#1281.


Hi - looking to join RTO clan! Battlenet: rdbs#11389 - love waypoint!


Hi, I’m unhaunting#2635 and I’d like to join RTO if that’s possible?


My wife and I are looking to join RTO! I’m Mythmaster#11293 and they’re Lucis#11901


hullo, sleepyPink#1973 here, looking to join any clan here with space open!

edit: apparently I gotta request a specific one so I’ll go for RTO, please


Hi, Rotated8#1859 appying to join RTO!


Hi, I’m Jay, JohnMagnum#1104 on Battle net, can I apply to RTO?


Hello. I would like to join Red Tree Owls please. Dandyseid#2159 Thanks kindly!