Destiny 2 Waypoint Clans


Hello, looking to join Red Tree Owls. Bnet: Tammo#1745. Thanks.


Hi! I’m new to waypoint but I love the podcast. I also need some PC Destiny friends. I’m Danimaltl#1200


Hello! I’m Daemer, and I’m new to the Destiny series but enjoying my time a lot. I’m looking for some group activities, and would love to join the Red Tree Owls. I submitted a request via battlenet, and I’m looking forward to hanging out with everyone in Discord later.

Edit: Woops - My battletag is Daemer#11590, just in case that’s helpful.


Yo, I’m Bliss#21594 and I would like to join the Red Tree Owls!


Hey all! Just sent in my request to join on, same name as here. Thanks!


Hi there! Sending a request as wubr#1161 to RTO to find some PC friends. Thanks for organizing!


hey there! i’ve got a couple pals in RTO and i’d like to join if possible! my bnet id is Plumm#1113


I applied to RTO a while back and had no response. Help?


Hey all. Sent a request to join RTO as Andonious#1909. Cheers!


Hi! I’m mainly on the discord server. My partner and I are applying for Red Tree Owls. Battletags ColourMeRae#1187 & Teiliwr#2476


Hey just looking for some active players on PC to game with trying to get into Popplio Pals or Red Tree Owls. Battle.Net ID: Hyperstalker#1960


Applying for Red Tree Owls HooperNjuice#1383

See everyone in the EDZ!


Hey, I’d like to join the Red Tree Owls!
BNet: MadPupil #1942
Sixclaws/Verthunder recommended this community to me


Hey, I’ve been playing PC Destiny for a few days. Can I join the Red Tree Owls?
BNet - AggroCrag#1418


Hi folks, new to Destiny but hoping to get into some MP with the Red Tree Owls!
BNet ID: Nagubanaga#1734
Went ahead and sent the request through


BNet ID: SgtXtreme #1817

Just hit my first 20.


I’m sorry if this has been answered above, there are alot of messages. What is the best way to get in touch with other clan members ([PALS]). I find the bungie app’s clan chat not great. Are people up on the waypoint discord? Looking for a fireteam to do some chores with.

Thanks so much!


I sent a request for Red Tree Owls on PC, my BNet tag is Winsord#1763. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Hey all, I’m looking to join Red Tree Owls, my ID is GrumpyPants#159552. Looking forward to playing with y’all :slight_smile:


Hi, PassingFancy#11171 here, looking to join Red Tree Owls. Just hit 20 and 230 power, not really sure how all this clan stuff works, but interested.