Destiny 2 Waypoint Clans


Hello! I applied to Red Tree Owls, BT thatguythere#11755. This is my first time purposefully getting into an online shooter/MMO style game, and I feel like I can trust y’all to be cool so that being a clan member won’t feel like some sort of gross moral compromise. (Also, I think the discord invite is still expired?) Thanks!


Yo, I’m interested in joining up with [RTO]! My battletag is Guildenstern#1529. I never got to play most of the cool end-game stuff in Destiny 1 because I didn’t have anyone to team-up with. This sounds like a fun way to see the good stuff in D2 and make some new friends :smiley:


ioncewasacat#1298 for RTO! if it’s alright to join!


Hello! Euchrid#1565, looking to join a PC clan! RTO looks goooood~~~



I’d like to join Friends at the Farm, my PSN ID is Danzelll88 (that’s with 3 L’s, I’ve had an issue with PSN ID’s, I know it’s dumb)

I’ve got each class at 260, and though I have up until this point been playing solo, I’d like to help out with Raid groups, or just have the things that I’m already doing contributing to a greater cause.

I do look forward to hopefully seeing some of you in game!


Hi y’all!

I put in a request to join the Red Tree Owls, my battletag is Janked#1303. I’ve been lovin’ shootin’ aliems and would like to do it with some cool friends.

Currently have a Hunter around 240 Power, and two Alts at lower levels, but happy to help out with whatever.

Thank you!


Looking to join the Red Tree Owls. Just finished the “campaign” today and interested in taking on all them strikes, raids etc with you all. My Bnet id is CrowKnow#1670.


Hi I just sent a request to the Red Tree Owls, battletag is Kiwi#2854.


I am DeusAequus#1593 I am about to apply to RTO. I never played destiny 1 but I am having a heck of a good time playing 2 so far looking forward to playing with you guys.


Hi there - about to apply to RTO. BNet tag HGu#11787. Long time reader of the forums but only recently registered. Looking forward to playing together.


Hi, I’m Nox#1420 on Bnet and I’d like to join the Red Tree Owls. I’m already partway through the story and I’d love to have some pals on future adventures.


Still Hoping to get an RTO invite. In the meantime, any other waypointers feel free to add me on Bnet. Kandoo#1213


You’ll need to apply on the clan page if you already haven’t, btw!


I’ve sent a request via the clan page about a week ago. Not sure if I should msg the leader or just wait. I don’t want to be a pest. Would love to get on the fan discord as well, but looks like it’s locked down atm. Perhaps due to the NeoGaf influx.


Still looking to fill a spot in the RTO clan! i applied on the clan page and put my battletag here, but my request has been hovering in limbo for a couple days. The wait’s NBD, but i would like to join everyone! . Holla~~~


Just looked the clan page says I have a pending request for Is there some other place I need to apply? Or just the link in the first post to the bungie clan page?


Hey, obviously I’m new to the forums but I’ve been listening to Friends At the Table for years and am a huge fan of Waypoint.

Since The PC version is out I find myself wanting for a clan, and I figured that the Waypoint options would be the best place to find people who are good and also not awful.

My b-net username is Del#11219 and I’ve just sent an application to the Red Tree Owls clan. I hope to play with all of you soon!


Hi there! I’d love to join! PSN - Thepeachi


Hi everyone, I’m a PC player, pretty new to Destiny in general so I’m not so great but would love to join a clan - I’ve sent a request through, my username there is Azathoth#21702 (yup, big Lovecraft fan here haha). Also, I use a controller not KB/M, hope that will be okay!


I heard about the clan from one of my friends and they shared how welcoming a place it was. i was hoping to join PALS on PC with her, my Battlenet ID is Bloodraptor#1883. Thanks <3