Destiny 2 Waypoint Clans


Just sent a request to join RTO!

bnet dadprism#1582

made a forum account just to post this but i’m in the discord!


Shatterproof#1457 looking to join RTO on PC with some of my friends.


Eph#11842 also for RTO on PC, I’m friends with Shatterproof above and a few others posting next. I’m bringing them over from the Idle Thumbs slack/group.


Purplexed #11548 looking to join RTO on PC with some of my friends. These include Eph and Shatterproof above. Thanks!


InkBusy#1380 looking to join RTO on PC, and sent app. Also I’m a journo! Not presently in the Idle slack but I do listen to IT shows regularly.


I’m itrooper#11327 and I’d like to be a member of Red Tree Owls. I like the inclusiveness of this concept.


Howdy! I’m on PC hoping to join the Red Tree Owls. I’m new to Destiny with Destiny 2 and haven’t done much clan-wise since WOW back in the day based on the general unpleasantness of most internet discourse, but I dig the Waypoint viewpoint and would love to join up! Bnet tag is Gwar#1689


I’ve still got the pending application on the clan invite as well. I’m pretty new to online games (as in never played one that was actually social), and I’ve been trying to find a clan that is inclusive where I can actually trust that after a few days the clan chat doesn’t prove hostile or at least exclusionary. I’d love to be in RTO so and actually connect with y’all! BT thatguythere#11755


Hey Everyone,
Hoping to join Red Tree Owls! verthunder suggested this clan to me, my Battenet ID is MadPupil #1942.
See you guys in game!


Hey all, I’m kinda new here! Was just wondering what kind of timezones the Red Tree Owls usually do stuff in? I’m Australian and have one friend who plays but I really wanna give the raid a shot


Hello! I’m Julia spacej#1209 I’m a big fan of Austin and Waypoint. I’d like to join Red Tree Owls and I have read the forum rules.


hey y’all
im a big trans and i love to GRIND MMOS
just sent a request thru to [rto], my bnet tag is ema#12974


Hi I saw Popplio Pals has filled, could I join up in RTO, I’m up for some endgame space fun.
Bnet tag shasocais#2257


Hello all! I’ve been following Waypoint from the launch and when I started Destiny 2 on PC, I knew this was the place to go for a potential clan. I’m sending a request to [RTO] even though I just signed up for an account, and hopefully I can make it in. If there’s a waiting period since I just signed up, I completely understand.

I’ve been wanting to play Destiny since the first one launched, but I primarily play on PC (and Nintendo consoles, but Destiny on the Wii U would have been… something). After 3 days of play I made it to level 20 and I really want some folks to play with. This is the first multiplayer game I’ve been willing to try since the bad old days of Counterstrike (before CS:GO) and the advent of voice chat.

My tag is durvasas#1444

Thanks for your consideration!


heya. Can i get an invite to the RTO on PC (not actually sure how this clan stuff works tbh. I’m in one but idk if I need to leave it first to join another, or if an invite will take precedence, or if an invite is even a thing???)? i’m coaxmetal#1344 anyhow, I’m more active on the discord than forums but, i’m around. Cheers!


HI All
Looking to join RTO, I’ve sent a request in game.
Looking to do some raids with a pleasant group of people.
Just seen the message from the mods, so understand if I’m a bit late to the party.
I’m Primesone#2103 on Battlenet


Hi All,

I’m also looking to join RTO and have sent a request. I’m based in Brisbane, Australia and keen to try some raids. My tag is Crossy#1801



Hmmmm, if my sub-par mathematical abilities are in the ballpark, some of us might end up in mystery PC clan#3 lol. That’s a good sign though, right?


Any idea on the average wait time to get accepted? I applied about 3 days ago and seem to be in limbo (and I see a few people who have applied in the last day or so who have been accepted already).

Sorry if I come off as demanding, or pushy. Mostly I’m just desperate to find a clan who’s members I can trust.


I could use a clan even though I’m playing fairly casually. Nurru#1318 on bnet.