Destiny Has a Historian, And His Full-Time Job is Making Lore Videos

In the days leading up to Destiny 2: Shadowkeep last fall, I was determined to get back into Destiny in a big way. This time, it would be different. This time, I’d finally understand the notoriously convoluted lore, the bits of inscrutable storytelling many Destiny fans swear by. Things have changed since Destiny once locked critical parts of its world building inside collectible cards, but Bungie’s never provided an easy path for newcomers to catch up on the past. The answer, most told me, was to watch the intricate videos by My Name is Byf.

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I’ve still never played Destiny, but this sort of stuff arising in any game’s community is always cool.

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Just wait until you see his other video series “Sounds like a you problem” where he and his friends make jokes about racial stereotypes, cultural appropriation and “triggering” people.

Truly amazing!

Disclaimer: it’s not amazing.


… welp. That’s not good.