Desus & Mero Appreciation Thread

The final episode of Desus & Mero will air on June 28, and I really want to give the show a send off before the two move on to their Showtime gig. What are some your favorite Desus & Mero moments?

I also want to talk about one of the reasons I love those guys and their show. My anxiety hits the hardest in the morning. The moment I wake up I immediately think about all the things that stress me out. But with the show’s YouTube channel, I would wake up and then just watch some of the clips from last night’s episode. This was incredibly helpful for clearing my mind and not hating every morning.

So shout out to the #1 show on late night. Here are some of my favorites:

The Michael Anthony Saga:

So, I’ve never seen more than the occasional clip from their show before…let’s say a week ago. I’ve always been meaning to check them out after seeing that Wheel of Fortune video from a while back, but I just never did. Then when I saw the news that they were leaving Viceland, I decided to watch the embedded video on the AVClub’s article and found myself falling into a YouTube hole that I’m still not out of. And to echo your takeaway a bit, this past week has been so infuriatingly stressful for anyone following US politics, and finally cashing in on the Desus & Mero back catalog has been the only thing keeping me above water.

With all that said, some of my favorites have been:

DIY Local News at its absolute finest

Any video that allows Mero to sing “Shih-bi-dee-dee Everyone in the 313!” (But especially this one)

And I feel like I have to mention the D&M vs DJ Envy saga ( Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 – the dramatic finale )

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desus and mero are reliably funny but they’re at their best when they just get to riff off each other for a couple minutes uninterrupted. these two clips are my absolute all-time favs (i think about the robot cardi b voice a LOT)


I don’t have any clips off-hand, but this is my biggest mood. I’m sure there’s demands for the type of show Viceland wants to run, but, in general, the longer the clip, the more I enjoy it. Having a 60-120 second clip is just rough since it doesn’t really give the space for them to flex.

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you know this whole time i’d just Assumed this was a show i couldnt watch on my side of the pond but it turns out. i can. so that’s cool

i listen to their podcast a lil bit already catch me walking through an industrial estate at 6am cry-laughing about eating ass


Quite a lot of the clips are up on YouTube and you can full episodes through Vice Video, although I keep having fun problems with whatever their GDPR policy is. I’ve been living the industrial estate cry-laughing lifestyle for a little while already…

(It sounds like you’ve picked this up, goblin, this is mostly for other UK folks who are just getting into Desus & Mero!)

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“They didn’t take your coat?” The ‘■■■■■-ass’ line kills me.

Mero’s name for the idol group in blackface is just unbelievably good.

The Michael Blackson section of this is so so so so good. “Joe Buttons I challenge you to send $45.”

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You know, I’ve always wondered what DJ Envy’s plan was. Why did he think the best way to get an apology was through an ambush during a live broadcast?