Detroit: Become Human fails to subvert doubts



I feel like I need to break out the champagne, or something. It’s so easy to be right in this case, but it still feels so good. Way to go, David, on your bad game and general terribleness.


But after a brief discussion shortly after leaving the house, it is essentially forgotten. What meaningful thing did that scene say about domestic violence? That it’s bad? That living with an alcoholic is shitty and stressful? That watching a man abuse a little girl sucks? Okay. Like everything else in Detroit, the sequence is a one-off, leaving the dark complexities of domestic abuse and its aftermath mostly unexplored.

Yep, David Cage game alright…


You know, some might say Cage’s affinity for totally meaningless violence that you take nothing away from might say something about his person and beliefs, however subconscious they may be. Who’s to say, though?


If David Cage became the filmmaker that he truly wants to be, he’d still be a fuckin’ hack


Looks like Waypoint’s coverage on Detroit will be a little delayed.


The Mashable review is something else. It’s an inferno. Some spoilers so don’t go in if you are going to play, but this quote is absolutely immense

“Detroit: Become Human operates under the assumption that its ill-conceived vision of the future is an inevitability for all mankind. As if this one imagined near-future — conceived by a studio not only predominantly made up of white, straight men but also recently accused of being a racist and sexist workplace by a multitude of reports — speaks to and for everyone.”


anyway, press X to Equal Rights For Androids


I just watched the GB quicklook and…so in the future humanity makes a bunch of robots which will put us all out of work, but not in a “the 1% are oppressing everyone else” kind of way because David Cage didn’t even think about that. The natural solution is to…make even more of them???


Read the Paste review y’all that’s the only one I’ve personally seen actually reference the toxicity in Quantic Dream, in an actual good way:

Cage “presides over a company that has been accused of rampant toxic behavior full of sexism and homophobia. It’s impossible to separate Detroit: Become Human from the terrible culture that created it”.

EDIT: Apart from that mashable review linked above.


Hey everyone, with the arrival of the Detroit: Become Human discourse on the forum we’d like to clarify what our expectations are for the ensuing discussion:

From what we already know, it is clear that Detroit: Become Human makes pretty egregious missteps and is just what many expected it to be. Discussion of it, and why that is, is vital. Yet, it is also important to remember that others had those expectations and that there is no need to prove how much you dislike it. Beyond that, there are others who might have other opinions for complex reasons. Thus, discussion and dissection of the game, not of users, and not dunking, should be the focus here. This forum is, as always, a place for elevating the discourse and to not repeat the same sawhorses as everywhere else.

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Not gonna lie I thought those dialog choices were photoshopped after reading the first option. Then I thought they were DEFINITELY photoshopped by the time I got to Descartes directly beneath.

So at least it fulfills the QD tradition of “out of context screenshot that you think can’t possibly be real.”


Can someone explain the context of that dialog choice a little bit? It’s already comically ham fisted, but for the life of me it looks like he’s about to give some sort of political speech to the side of a taxi.


I believe it’s supposed to be him picking a slogan to paint on the side of it.



Mercy? Never heard of her.


I feel like the main character is just David Cage wearing a Jesse Williams costume. ‘Cause that’s what’s coming across, to be honest.


I just made this joke on Twitter but David Cage is the Neil Breen of video games.


I think he’s more like Tommy Wiseau, in that he really believes the bullshit he sprouts is genuine and genius-level, but he’s a total goob.


Wiseau lies and now says he meant to make The Room a comedy, he knows his movie is bad (now). Neil Breen to this day still thinks his movies are high art.


This whole topic seems like it takes place in alternate universe where the critical reception to the game was negative overall.
It would be nice if a narrative-focused game was judged by its story but it seems like as long as production values are high it doesn’t matter if the writing is bad or the story is dumb.