Detroit: Become Human fails to subvert doubts


So, Detroit: Become Human apparently just doesn’t discuss how that world discovered near-total automation before figuring out what to do with people. It’s strange because I’d argue that that’s maybe a more germane topic of conversation than a hacky civil rights metaphor, but what do I know?


I often hear things like “No one else is trying what he’s trying” and “At least he’s attempting something” when people talk about Cage’s games. At this point, after he’s shown over and over just how crummy at it he is, I’m sure Sony could give these budgets to better writers and directors out there that want to attempt this stuff and would be more capable than Cage.


I just hope Supermassive makes more video game-ass Video Games like Until Dawn. They’re just, so much better at this, and they showed that with ONE game!


I often hear things like “No one else is trying what he’s trying”

I hear them too, and all it tells me is that the people saying that don’t play VNs.


Had someone point out to me that every single one of the reviews featured prominently in the “reception” section of Detroit’s Wikipedia page was written by a white person. Huh.

I’m not meaning to call out any reviewers or publications in particular, but do sites not usually feel it appropriate to offer the perspective of a marginalized person when they’re covering a game that is suspected of including a bunch of ham-fisted social commentary on issues of race and oppression? So many of the reviews I’ve read have talked about how the story isn’t great but offers a lot of “silly fun.” What? David Cage, who we have evidence of acting like a piece of shit, gets a pass for trivializing the plight of marginalized people because his game is goofy sometimes? Nah, you’re good


It also says there’s a serious blindspot where Life Is Strange exists because “Blah Blah MS Paint Graphics” or “Social Justice nonsense” along with Telltale being on a middling streak (Guardians Of The Galaxy seems to have average average reviews. Also the Batman series would have been great if it wasn’t for “technical issues”).

Has anyone played The Council? Seems like an interesting take on those games concepts but the reviews are also marking it down for “Technical Issues” which doesn’t really tell me anything.


SPOILERS Uh, fuck all video games forever


the thing is that im not even sure this is a spoiler. i said this in the discord but it seems to violate the premise of the game on a fundamental and paradoxical level.

here’s betting anything that cage has a 20-year-old IMDB list called “top 10 greatest mindfucks in cinema” that is actually 11 movies long


I mean, in the real world companies are desperately trying to figure out how to make self-driving big rigs and taxis before figuring out what to do with the giant labor force they’ll displace, so that might be the most realistic part of the game.


exactly, but from what I can tell, legitimate labor issues are boiled down to people being “mad at progress” which is, like, wooooooof


this is such a consistent trope in crappy cyberpunk; the idea that opposition to technology comes from pure bloody-minded regressivism, rather than criticism of the ways in which technology is ideologically loaded. it’s so frustrating.


side note: this is why Black Mirror is Actually Good and why I find the “TECHNOLOGY BAD” memes extremely frustrating, especially coming from people who should know better


I rather just play Heavy Rain again.


I won’t play this because everyone hates it but God damn, it seems like another example of a game that gets gassed up because there’s this thirst for games to be ~taken seriously as art~, which means we need to do hamfisted caricatures of evocative film, I guess? Games as a medium has unique qualities that are being put to new uses every day somewhere in the broader industry of AAA and independent development, yet we still have to see bullshit like this getting gassed up. Why? :tired_face:


It’s pretty rich that a game trying to portray a post-race America does so in Detroit, a city whose financial hardships were largely spurred by the flight of its white residents in the mid-20th century, insuring segregation – that more or less remains to this day – through egregious amounts of redlining, and even going further by erecting an actual wall on 8 Mile Rd in order to physically separate white and black communities (and keeping Oakland & Macomb County property values relatively high in the process). Though I guess all we need are androids to get passed all that.


Vidcons as a medium have a massive inferiority complex about their own legitimacy


David Cage’s brain is a hellscape unlike any other. God, I’m so stressed out about the ethics of this garbage fire. Feels bad, man.


Oppression And Discrimination Are Bad. Anyway, Have You Guys Ever Thought About Robot Civil Rights? The Game


I’m trying to think why did i like previous David Cage games like Heavy Rain and Fahrenheit before that. I think good looking narrative games at that time were far and few so it felt really fresh. A game that feels like i’m playing a Hollywood movie. But in 2018 the landscape is different. We expect more from Video game stories and the “playing” a hollywood movie has been done by others far better. The hope is that Quantic Dreams would also become better story tellers along with great graphics. Looks like that hasn’t happened…


Also noticed the next article is “Would Detroit: Become Human’s creator buy an android? "Who wouldn’t?” with Cage quoted “You can see all the problems, but who would say no to technology? It’s going to make your life easier, it’s convenient. Even if you know the problems and the dangers of it, you will still go for it.”

Uh, hey Dave, did you play your own game? If the entire thinly veiled metaphor is that androids are black people and owning them is slavery, maybe don’t be so quick put your own convenience over civil rights!? It’s like Dr. Seuss complaining about how gross green eggs and ham look.