'Devil May Cry 5' Is Sexy, Chaotic, and Deliciously Overwhelming


Maybe MGS2 was a better pick. The impact of its weirdness is largely dependent on your response to MGS1 imo


There are a few “oh SHIT” moments that won’t land quite as hard if you don’t have some prior investment, but honestly it should be a pretty in this regard.


That is INSANE. Of all the MGS games, 4 is the one whose story is explicitly written around tying together all the story beats of the previous games while also leaning heavily on nostalgia to the point where the game straight up isn’t fun without nostalgia for the previous games. It’s without a doubt the worst entry point to the MGS series.


Playing every game after playing 4 is the most incredible pieces-falling-into place experience, whereas playing them in release or canonical order ending with 4 makes that game feel like fan-servicy box-ticking.

I believe this with everything I have. Everyone should play 4 first.


I guess if you play the worst game in the series first it is all uphill from there…


Funnily enough it sounds like this game was too sexy for the PS4. Seems like they added some lens flares to cover up certain body parts in some scenes.


This is an impressive feat in a post PS3/PS4 Soul Calibur world.


Sony’s been doing similar stuff for the last ~8 months but it seems like they kinda pick and choose. Something about “protecting the children” (though I thought that was what the M rating was there for.)


AAA Japanese stuff always gets extra scrutiny in the US. Like if you’re Rockstar you can drop a Manhunt or if you’re EA you can drop an Immercenary or a Saboteur or a Dante’s Inferno with massive dangling devil dongs and it’s okay. Seems crazy for DMC though when, reading about it further, it doesn’t even cover every instance of nudity in the game. Like it’s absurd what is in GTA5 as an example but there isn’t a visible nipple in it so it’s okay.

Why even have a rating system?


I’m pretty sure the ESRB, like the MPAA, is really just a smokescreen so the games industry doesn’t have a true third party policing what they put in their products.

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Any industry code of conduct or independent regulatory body is some variety of bullshit. In Australia we have a few effective ombudsmen, but their oversight is in enshrined in statute, so even thought they’re created with partial industry input they have an explicit enforcement purpose.

Although, state-run ratings boards aren’t always the best thing ever. The UK film ratings board in the 80s was an absolute nightmare.


But if it wasn’t for the “film nasty” era, how else would I know what Actually Quite Bad But Infamous Because Of Reputation slasher’s to watch?

PS: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is actually my fave movie


The Video Nasties are a treasure and I record a whole ass podcast about them to honour their vile glory.

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Long time lurker, first time poster.

Just wanted to get a read on how people think and feel on stuff like all the pieces crawling out of the woodwork – am I using that expression right? – about how Capcom is “back” and/or having a “golden age” and I’m like ???

I understand that with so many publishers doing crappy things and releasing crappy products and services, a thought like this can provide solace, but on the other hand um, corporations? I want to know if I’m being uncharitable, honestly.


They’re doing really great with stuff that isn’t a fighting game. I’ll go that far.


The short version is it’s difficult to put into words how much of an absolute disaster Street Fighter V and Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite were and are on almost every level. Betwee those, Resident Evil 6 (that one’s production is a mess worth reading), DmC, Lost Planet 3, etc. they had a few high profile franchise sure thing sort of games over the years that were basically crap. On top of that they hadn’t put out a good new fighting game since 2009 (and their last good one before that was, uh, maybe CvS2 in 2001). To go from that to dropping stuff as good as RE7 and the RE2 remake and DMC5 in short order has people excited.

Regarding the Video Nasties, same, I mean I would never seen Nightmares In A Damaged Brain if it wasn’t one of them!


SFV is still so boooooooring. All the content later can’t make up for it being a total wet fart of a game.

It’d never happen because of SF’s status as the fighting game series, but if I had to make room for SamSho at EVO, I’d remove SFV before Melee.


The Future is Now, they should drop SF5 and bring back KoFXIV.


I don’t disagree with SFV being boring as hell but it makes far more sense for Melee to be dropped than SFV from Evo.


That’s fair, and don’t forget Monster Hunter: World! It’s definitely a very different Capcom I guess than fans are used to.

I’m just worried that congratulating a publisher for releasing great games that aren’t actively burdened by shitty things and problems might mean conceding things like roadmapped games as service / bloatware with microtransactions as the new normal in which anything better than that is suddenly golden. :stuck_out_tongue: