'Devil May Cry 5' Is Sexy, Chaotic, and Deliciously Overwhelming


Don’t forget monster hunter in there, it was capcom’s best selling game ever IIRC. They went from a series of fiascos to on a roll in real short order.


hi demon gang.
good news! a pretty concrete leak says theres gonna be a “ladies night” dlc adventure with Lady Trish AND LUCIA

this also means theyll be in bloody palace and since its pretty concrete vergil will be playable in bloody palace that brings the playable roster up to 7

i super super hope this is true because lucia was interesting enough to deserve a retry and a playable Lady in 5 would be a dream come true. i sooo hope this pans out.


This really needs to happen because the state of representation for DMC5’s female cast is just embarrassing. They couldn’t have made it seem more like they didn’t give a fuck about Lady and Trish if they tried.


It’s so weird to see, because Kamiya’s take started in a similar way, and then, in a bloody non-canon bit in a Viewtiful Joe port and later in his Bayonetta series, decided to make Dante’s mom a powerful witch who played a major role in saving the human world from demons and apparently was already planned by the first game to stored away her soul was in Dante’s pendant and made some stuff from that game possible (like Dante’s final form and I think Trish breaking from Mundus’ control).

Itsuno is a much better game designer, but his take and the take of his writing teams on the DMC series has been fairly weak outside of 3 when it came to the female cast. 4 was easily the low point, and they were so excited in interviews about doing the single most bland and overdone shonen plot in existence that basically turned the newest female lead into what was effectively a lamp.

So many great male characters, but the female cast get heavily objectified or damseled, and when they’re actually doing stuff, you can’t play as them when it feels like you should be able to.

I understand part of this is that there’s just not enough time (especially this time since they had to flesh out three characters, one with a bizarre play style that required designing around new and complicated AI systems), and they have made Lady and Trish playable before, but we’re on game five already. The fact that Lady and Trish get sidelined so hard solely to have a big shock moment at the start of the game and to tease one of the most predictable twists in gaming history is my only disappointment.

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Huh, when I saw that there were unlockable costumes for Lady and Trish I just assumed they were playable in the base game in some form. It’s kinda weird that they’re not.