Devolver Digital @ E3 2017

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Time of start is 1 AM EDT/10 PM PDT.

I want an Enter the Gungeon 2 more than I want to have children of my own someday.

just give me that sweet, sweet Hatoful Boyfriend content


Hope Absolver gets a showing just because it looks like the Greatest Thing. Seen enough that I’m gonna buy it though, so I’m fine with just a nice 2 minute trailer.

Devolver Digital is my aesthetic.

Yeah, they’re definitely going for the adult swim audience here

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RIP Dave Lang. You will be missed.

“Check a look.”

that was a thing that happened all right

The End of Evangelion (1997)


What the fuck just happened.

I’m confused so much right now. Is the show a joke or a legit show or is it a David Lynch fever dream.


are they showing an actual preshow rn or
is this a continuation of the actual show

i think this is actually a real thing now??

i don’t know

I need this in 4K

Nothing at E3 can beat that conference.

Also, the stream is still going. It’s now some sort of performance art where everyone is playing fake videogames that don’t exist.


The more I watch this the more this is… bad?

i actually want to play frog smashers tho

I think that’s the point, somehow.

Edit: it’s kicked off