Devolver Digital @ E3 2018 Official Discussion Thread


Welcome to the Waypoint Forum’s discussion of E3 2018. This is the official thread for talk about the Devolver Digital press conference and the games discussed and announced during that press conference. It can also contain discussion of further coverage of those games or companies that appears in later days. We want to contain overlap and multiple threads so please contain all discussion of Devolver Digital to this thread.
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Even if they can’t top what they did last year, this is gonna be great.

They already topped themselves. Invest in Loot Box Coin now. #HODL


Seeing these games, is Devolver really the publisher that should be satirizing the games industry?


I personally think they’re the only ones who’ve shown time and time again that they can satirize the industry. That being said, if one of your qualms with the state of the industry is something like the levels of violence, then DD probably isn’t any better than the corporate overlords they love to take the piss on.

I’m fucking screaming holy shit.


if My Friend Pedro plays anything like how that trailer makes it look like it plays, that might be a day 1 buy.


That was… not good

And the Metal Wolf Chaos url is uh



I’ll watch this a little later, but I’m really unsure how to feel about this being a thing now. Pretty sure it was best as a one-off.


i’m heartbroken over no serious sam 4, and yeah the metal wolf chaos line is a bummer but it is very much in-line with what devolver thinks is cutting-edge satire (jon stewart-tier bullshit with more fake blood squibs)


I’ve never particularly been a “fan” of violence,particularly gun violence, in video games and I’ve been trying to evaluate it even further recently so, given Devolver’s MO this conference was kind of hard to parse through in my mind.

I’ve played and enjoyed a few Devolver games and I thought SCUM looked cool, but seeing all those games together (especially the machine gun arm bit) kind of left a weird taste in my mouth and left me reevaluating why that trailer appealed to me.

Also I was literally just telling my partner this morning how not worth it any attempt to co-opt MAGA is and…then we get the Metal Wolf Chaos website.


Whenever I get confused about something Devolver does, I remember that it was started by the team whose previous publisher startup was named “Gamecock” (the rooster) and go, oh, that’s actually exactly what I would expect them to do


I get why people didn’t like the Metal Wolf Chaos bit. But I’ll probably be in love with this thing Devolver does every year until someone comes along and does it better.

And there’s plenty people who can definitely do it better, hell I think I can do it better. But being able to and actually doing consistently are two very different things. I need more people in this industry shitting on this industry. If nothing else DD is filling a hole in my heart until someone better comes along (or until I build up my brand enough to have a similar platform). And until that someone better comes and does it better; Develover’s gonna have my love support and admiration.



I liked it last year, because it was a complete surprise. This year it wasn’t and it felt more like a repeat than doing something fresh. They kinda proved they aren’t as clever as they appeared last year. I like Devolver as a publisher but the games they showed looked bad as well, even if that is secondary to the point I suppose.

Even more embarrassing is TinyBuild, who did a similar thing but didn’t manage to be even a little bit funny.



DD’s E3 presser has become my favorite & the one I most look forward to! Can’t wait to see how Nina 2.0 turns out in 2019!!!

I thank them for their tongue-in-cheek presentation & bringing fun to the conferences. Thank goodness we’re finally far removed from the droning recitals of sales figures & pie charts!!