Devolver's Upcoming Games Got Lost in its Explosive E3 Parody


As one of the biggest indie publishers around, it could have put parody aside for better promotion.

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As a ‘thing’ this presentation was pretty great. As a way to learn about Devolver games, it was total shit. I had no idea which games were real and which were fake.


I had never heard of devolver and now they’re on my radar as a company that does interesting things. I visited their website because of it

There were a lot of jokes that fell flat but they got several good laughs out of me and it was worth watching imo


I think that’s the disconnect for Waypoint and those of us on forums like these. There’s a gap between hardcore audiences and gamers that don’t know anything about Devolver or indie games in general. It seems like this was made for the latter.


As a conference, it was pretty bad
As performance art, it was transcendent


I thought it was hilarious and showed up how toe curling I find the big presentations to be now. I watch them and I keep feeling I’m going to be asked to buy a time share at the end.