Diablo 3 Necromancer Update GRINDFEST

Hey I’m sorry if there is already a Diablo III thread up and running.

The Necromancer update / Paid digital update / whatever drops this week and that’s enough to pull me back in to D3 until at least the end of Season 11. Are there any Diablo 3 Waypointers kicking around? I’d love to group up and work together to click frantically and watch numbers go up.

I know there haven’t been any takers so far but the Necromancer just dropped and I power leveled to 70 this week. If anyone happens upon this post and is looking for a team mate my Blizzard ID is Pearlmanman, I’d love to run some rifts or split farm or whatever.

It’s a shame they opted to go hero only rather than another Reaper of Souls. A new hero just isn’t enough incentive for me unfortunately! I’ll definitely pick this up later on when they have a discount in a few years.

Played this over the weekend and got up to 50 - god I hope they don’t nerf corpse lance because spamming that and seeing huge mobs just explode in 100+ kill streaks is the best fun I’ve had in the game for years.

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necro seems pretty fun. i’ll definitely pick one next season!
playing nonseasonally just isn’t as fun though, no achivements to shoot for besides grinding out a higher greater rift than last time. i did a gr60 solo and that’s enough for me for now

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I’ve probably put in about ~11 hours with the Necro this week and I’ve already got a sweet build up and running. I’ve also found most of the pieces of all 4 sets. I’m just missing a couple of pieces on Rathmas and Inarius. Looking forward to seeing what Season 11 has to offer, I haven’t played since season 5.

inarius seems like the clear winner right now. I didn’t have an Ancient Weapon and GR60 was not a big deal at all the instant i put that set on. I’d been struggling with a pestilence one at like 45

I don’t understand what the season stuff in Diablo 3 even is honestly but I like it as a single player game and I dunno. The necromancer seems cool but 10 dollars is… A lot.

season is like playing on a private server with everyone else who’s playing seasonal. you can carry none of your non-seasonal stuff in. you have a new stash in there and are paragon 0. there are a whole new set of achievements to go for, and a lot of them have rewards that are instantly given to you when you get the achievement. the big sell is that you can wind up with a 6pc set within a few hours of starting out on a new season by doing the first few lists of achievements. If you finish all of them before the season ends you permanently get another stash tab for nonseasonal and for all future seasons.

at the end of the season anything seasonal becomes nonseasonal and your paragon experience from seasonal get added to your nonseasonal pile

its basically a fun excuse to start absolutely fresh at the same time as other people and i think usually there’s more people playing seasonal than non, while one’s running

@Gary Yeah it seems like Inarius is the go to for a few good looking builds. I am missing the Inarius shoulders and then I’ll probably figure something out for that build. Right now I’m Running 6 Piece Trag’Oul’s set with The Jesseth Scythe and Shield and the Compass Rose Set. So I get 100% bonus damage if I’m standing still, Minions do 400% damage if Command Skeleton is active and my Skeleton Mage summons do 3000% damage because they use cost life to use. My unassuming 500K Sheet DPS becomes MASSIVE as soon as I pop those skills. The build is totally unoptimized and I’m not using any ancients or legendary gems so I am excited to see what I can do with some more focused items.

@Larena that seems fair. I guess it’s up to the purchaser how they want to spend their dough. I’ve already put in a good chunk of time with the Necro and I will probably play at least one season with it so for me it was worth it to squeeze a little more time out of a game I haven’t played in a few years. Might not be such a good value for everyone though.

Pestilence seems pretty lame compared to the others right now. It was the first set that dropped for me so it got me through the door. I ditched it as soon as I got 4 pieces of Trag’Oul’s though.

Sorry for bumping this thread but season 11 begins in about 2 days. If any Waypointers want to play, I’m Thimele#1159 on the Americas region (JFYI I’m super casual tho).

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Bump away. I’m all in and also super casual. Probably can only manage a couple sessions a week. I’ll add you later on.

Thanks for replying.

Got my new season 11 necro up to 60 over the weekend - the Cain set + Bone set + Leoric’s helm combo pumped my experience gain into the stratosphere. Almost finished chapter 2 of the seasonal achievements and looking forward to hitting 70 and starting on some grifts.