Did anyone else sleep on Dead Cells?

So many incredible games have come out this year that I’ve either come late to or missed out entirely on a bunch of them. I remember watching a few streams of Dead Cells when it came out and hearing that it was the best thing since rougelike/Castlevania sliced bread, but though I picked it up I was deep in Prey and Hollow Knight at the time and it’s been moldering in my Steam library since.

Until about two weeks ago when I installed it on a whim and holy crap this game is good. The art is stunning, the soundtrack is beautiful, the controls are super-precise, the combat is weighty and cathartic, and it just feels utterly amazing to play. And unlike some other roguelikes, it never feels like a run is doomed because you’ve taken a few bad hits.

I know I’m six months late to the party but does anyone else remember this one? It makes me sad to think that it might have gotten lost in the shuffle of 2017’s packed slate of great games.


I’m keeping an eye on it until it gets out of early access.
I may be a bit biased, since the studio is based in my city (Bordeaux), but yeah, I can’t wait until it gets released.

Yeah I’m also waiting for the full release. It seems great but i’m kinda done with Early Access as a concept.

i didn’t sleep on it but i have been playing it on the reg since it came out. it’s probably my favourite metroidvania and while it’s clearly unfinished (after the second boss it just stops) the content that’s in there is very complete and really excellent. was real weird when a bunch of enemies just completely changed design a month or so back, though


I was definitely surprised with how complete it felt for an Early Access game. And considering how long it takes for a run to reach the second boss (usually takes me ~45 minutes depending on my route, though I might just be a slow player), I haven’t been turned off by any lack of content.

And yeah I noticed that when I went back and rewatched Patrick’s stream from the spring. A bunch of the enemies and projectiles look really different. Not bad necessarily, just odd that they did that amount of redesigning.

Dead Cells is awesome! I play it on and off. Haven’t really had the chance to dive into it hard but it just feels so good to play. If this is early access, I can’t imagine what the final release might look like.

The studio Motion Twin is also a worker cooperative, which in their case means no boss and equal wages between the ten of them. imo that’s another reason to keep up with their work - nevermind that Dead Cells is really good :smile:


I’m waiting for the full-game release. If I start playing it in early access, I’ll get burned out before it’s officially released. So, I’m not “sleeping on it” so much as I am getting a few winks before it actually is ready.

Mechanically this game is amazing and easily one of the better Metroidvanias, but I still can’t shake how much I wish it had the coherent sense of place that other Metroidvanias I’ve been playing this year do - most notably Hollow Knight, but also Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight (which was a 2016 release I picked up this past Spring). At some level I think a procedural-generation-roguelike removes a couple key features of the genre (purposeful exploration, enemy design/placement, coherent and interconnected environments) that I’m more fond of than just the feel of combat. I’m definitely glad I picked it up and I’m looking forward to the full release, but it didn’t stick with me the way Hollow Knight or Momodora have.

I didn’t sleep on it, I just don’t see a point in playing a game I will likely only play once in my life while it’s in Early Access.

I played it recently at an event over here in the UK and immediately picked it up the second I got home. I heard Patrick sing its praises earlier in the year as a kind of 2D Metroidvania/Dark Souls, so it was on the list. I get a real Rogue Legacy vibe from it, in how it feels and how it makes me feel. It has that same addictive quality, the same level of toughness, the way the whole loss of life is quickly turned around by instant restart. It’s real good. Really want it to come to Switch. As I do with all smaller games.

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I’m napping and hoping it comes to Switch but I like the idea a lot.

Unless I’m wake and cave in to a steam sale I’m feeling the same thing. Like, yes I want to play this and everything I hear about it sounds great BUT, I’d prefer it on ththe switch…

Played it for a while, it’s real good. Would recommend anyone just get it if they’re interested & able - didn’t feel unfinished or buggy due to early access, or anything like that. It’s a really good game already, and actually experiencing updates yourself is kinda cool.

I did fall off eventually, mostly because the area I started getting to fairly consistently was a dark zone & you had to stay in these lit areas or your health would go down if you stayed too long in the dark. I… dislike that, quite a lot. There’s also a few other things like timed doors like they’re trying to get you to play the game at speed, but that’s just never going to be how I play a video game.


Having seen it streamed, it looks very much like a game for me. Hopefully it will come to a platform that I own. :expressionless:

it’s a cool Castlevania like action game that’s real fun to speed through. i appreciate how it doesn’t limit your resources and encourages you to fight all out. the one boss fight i did was cool as well.

i’m running into the wall that i run into with all roguelikes in that i see the first stage or two so many times its hard to get excited to start a new run. especially when it takes so long to grind out the currency to populate the world with new items. it’s become easier and easier to fall into the same playstyle as well, which is further grinding down the variety.

It is exactly my kind of game but I have a big backlog and trying to dwindle it. I have a bit of FOMO and like being part of the conversation but I have to break myself of that and just enjoy games as I get to them.