Did Save Point 2019 get archived somewhere?

I can’t find it! A couple of mod streams seem to’ve made it to YouTube, but has the rest been lost, like…streams…of rain…in the rain? Or is it lurking out on Vimeo somewhere or somem?

It’s on Twitch, 36 hours in all.

gah! thanks! I guess I was only checking recent broadcasts, not the whole archives!

Doesn’t Twitch delete stream archives now after a certain amount of time though?

Highlights saved indefinitely

From Twitch’s website, looks like created highlights are saved forever. So Cado’s Destiny stream from October will be auto-deleted in a few days since it wasn’t made into a highlight. I think in the past, everything was saved forever automatically, but then they changed the system, which resulted in a lot of old broadcasts being removed before people had the chance to create highlights of every thing they wanted to keep.