Did we come from pigs? - Actually a great article on the nature of science


The whole pig ancestry thing seems to be pretty thoroughly debunked by the end of the article. But on the way there we get a nice exploration of the process and motivation of science. Specifically exploring how the theory of evolution has evolved, as an example.

Do pigs and chimpanzees #$%@?


Though strictly speaking we don’t even come from chimpanzees we just come from extinct, chimpanzeelike things which chimpanzees also come from. similarly, we and pigs both come from some long extinct animal that was probably not entirely dissimilar to a pig. so it is really a difference of proximity rather than kind by which way say we come from chimpanzees rather than pigs.


I will forever be astounded that I had a classmate in an anthropology course at university raise his hand and say “If we evolved from monkeys, how come there are still monkeys?”