Did you know I've been using the discord to run a Minecraft build server?


It’s true! It’s been up for nearly a year, and I just realized that it’s been a pretty insular thing within the Discord, and it would probably be a good idea to let people in the forums know about it!

Its ran by me, hosted by Bisect, and contains folk in the waypoint community. Not official or anything, just want to keep it within a group I can trust. Its been running for nearly a year now, and has some really amazing stuff on it! It’s vanilla java, and most people just use it to build, either in creative or survival. It becomes more and less active in waves, but over time it’s gathered some seriously beautiful structures, a few of which are here https://imgur.com/a/jzZhIW3 I would recommend looking at them in game since screenshots do such a bad job of capturing it

So yeah! If you want to hop in, the IP is 142.44.191 . 88:28140 (space added so it doesnt cache in google or whatever). Anyone can be OPed, just message me on discord (Vivian Burning#2483) or on here, Ill do my best to keep an eye out for those messages.

Basic rules are posted in the giant map room, you should spawn right outside of it. Using that and the bridge as a landmark, it should be easy to pick out a place to do whatever you want with. If at some point you want the large map updated with it, let me know, and also, we have a little google doc spreadsheet that keeps track of stuff! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13I5E5rB7iZIIg3nYrvawwQ4dKjh6jImJbJ9zRyOHSHE/edit?usp=sharing

If you have other questions let me know!

So yeah! If there are any peeps that want a little neat place to build, or just be a tourist in, I think the Waypoitn community has made a lot of amazing things in it.


i just joined this server a couple days ago and everyone’s stuff in it is incredible! and the map is wonderful to build in; so many scenic and inspiring places. i highly recommend checking it out