Did you play El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron?

so El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron was a 3rd-person character-action-game for the ps3/360 from 2011 directed by the art director of Okami, and based on a “Lost Book of the Bible”.

You play as Enoch, a human sent by god to deal with a group of fallen angels who stole wisdom from god and are now corrupting and consorting with humans. Needless to say it’s absolutely incredible, probably one of my favourite games. It has a great understated, subtle quality to it’s presentation, atmosphere and narrative, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. However, I’ve never really met anyone who played it, it’s such a criminally underrated game, and I pray it gets a PC port someday, because it deserves a much bigger audience.

Did you play this game? Would you be there for a PC port?

here are some trailers

and some gameplay

Oh and did I mention you save the game by talking to an angel called Lucifel (dressed in a button-up shirt & jeans ofc) who talks to god on his flip-phone?


I hear little love for this game. I played it and loved it. I remember it being fucking weird and beautiful. I doubt it would get rereleased though.
A PC port would be real nice.
A spiritual successor was announced though!

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It’s one of those games from that generation that I mean to pick up if I ever see it in a store. Along with Folk Lore, The Saboteur, Asura’s Wrath and a bunch of other games that didn’t ever sell enough to get a sequel.

I remember this was one of the two big games that Shane Bettenhausen was pushing after he left the games media and before he joined Sony. The other game being Deadly Premonition. Lucifel’s jeans are by some big Japanese designer and you could buy a pair at launch but they weren’t cheap.

Didn’t they just announce a spiritual successor, or an actual sequel?


The Lost Child def seems more spiritual successor than sequel, though i guess lucifel apparently appears?

Also, apparently, he bought the IP rights back from UTV in 2013 which could be slightly promising…

ooh! also I forgot to mention the soundtrack, but it’s pretty stellar, def gives the nier games a run of their money in places.
I love Armaros’ fake Prince beat

also Sariel’s boss theme

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What a weird game this was. I enjoyed it, but damn. It was weird.

I don’t know if I’d get a PC port. I don’t think I want to play it again particularly, but I loved the visuals a LOT.

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Someone I was dating a few years ago went wild over seeing this in the store and we brought it home. They had played it before but lost their copy. It is a pretty good third-person action game, or whatever you call these.

The main thing I took away from it is the soundtrack, and I will keep a few of the songs in my heart forever, including this one especially:

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yesss that violin is so good…

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I smell the next game for Waypoint bookclub.

oooo maybe! is there somewhere to submit suggestions?

I remember playing a demo of this, possibly the first level or some similar amount. It had a really neat look to it, but ultimately didn’t grab my attention enough for me to pick it up. Definitely could see why it’d appeal to people, though.

I loooove this game but the combat isn’t very well balanced to me. You get two difficulty levels but the easy one is almost too easy while the normal one gets a bit tedious like it just hits that wall where you only have so many different moves you can do and the enemies just take a few too many hits that the combat gets boring. I’d still say it’s a must play just for the presentation, just set your expectations for the combat to about Blood Omen 2 or God of War 1.

tbh i don’t remember the combat much at all, outside of weapon switching & “purifying”, it def got super tedious, though the bosses were always a treat. It’s certainly no platinum game, but again the combat doesn’t have much to do with why i remember it so fondly.

Beautiful game but the platforming and combat were not fun, especially as you progressed.

I clicked this thread because the name seemed familiar but I couldn’t quite place it, and I totally played and beat this game but have basically no memory of it. I think someone was talking it up on a podcast (Shane Bettenhausen maybe?) and I got it from Gamefly my freshman year of college.

I remember the combat getting frustrating and not understanding the story.

Edit: I see in an earlier comment it was confirmed it was Shane. I can’t believe I remembered that. Memories are weird.