Digital Combat Simulator


Anyone else into military flight sims?

I’ve owned multiple since I was a kid (notably falcon 4.0), but in the past few months I’ve been getting into DCS a lot more. currently I have the Mig-21, A-10c, F-5e, and I just bought the M-2000c module. Got a CH Products hotas for really cheap from the goodwill online store. Tried building a DIY headtracker but calibration has been such a hassle I’ve kind of given up on it. I’m far from an expert on any of the modules I own yet, but I’m learning them slowly but surely.


no one?

hangs head, picks up ball, and walks back home


M-2000c modules, eh? Sounds like some hardcore stuff. I’m not into flight sims myself I’m afraid, though I do enjoy Elite. At this point I would think it is probably more worthwhile to shell out on a VR headset and get the full cockpit experience than try to recreate a physical cockpit, but I would be interested to hear how a flight sim enthusiast feels about that stuff.