Disconnect Between Forum and Site


Hello, I have made a thread about my feelings on the site once before, but I feel it bears addressing again, a year later (misread Jan 17 as Jan '17).

As a daily active member of the Waypoint community, I increasingly feel that the forum and the podcast are the only parts of Waypoint that I feel directly connected to. I use the forum as the primary means by which I am informed of Waypoint content, with my automatically updating podcast subscription filling in the blanks. I have no desire to visit the website proper, and otherwise don’t unless I am clicking through to an article from a forum thread crosspost. The reason for this is primarily the fact that the website doesn’t feel “alive”. Live streams are almost completely segregated from archive/written content, which I think is a huge strike against the site itself.

A Schedule was added a while back per popular request, but besides the podcast plugin which seems to accurately reflect one of the more recent podcasts published, the videos on it are all, at least, months old. I actually don’t even know if Hot Mic Mornings still happens. I would really, really, really like to see live content and scheduling reflected (featured, like the current Save Point banner) on the homepage itself. I would feel more engaged, and I would have an easier time keeping tabs on what the crew is up to.

As it stands, the only way that I know how to do that now is to keep an eye on the Waypoint twitter account for announcements of live streams as they happen. I…don’t like doing that. I’m also not an avid Twitch user, so I haven’t subscribed on Twitch, nor have I subscribed on YouTube, another site I don’t directly visit unless otherwise linked to. I understand that I am probably in the minority in this way, but, as I said in my previous thread, I think it is a failure of web design/curation to expect users to go to other platforms to find half of your stuff. Crossposting/embedding streams of that content would be so fuckin fantastic.

Ideally, what I’d like to see is a prominently featured upcoming schedule on the homepage, and a “Happening Now!” featurette somewhere up top, or in the nav. At the very least, this would link to the external streaming platform, and at most it would link to a post which has an embed of that stream going, or is a content block on the homepage which streams it directly, without having to navigate to a post.

It pains me to dislike the site so much. So far, almost all of the requests from my OP in January last year are unaddressed. I don’t mean to sound like the developers need to bend to my will or whatever, but I’m talkin like at the bottom of any brand-new article is an “UP NEXT: WAYPOINT 72” or “MIGHTY MOUSE” video. Like dude, that shit is two years old and is totally unrelated to the article I just read. Also I just clicked on “Read” in the nav, and it’s not articles, it’s just the latest posts of any kind, podcasts included, which is what the homepage already does.

Anyway I hope this is of some help and gets to the people it needs to get to. You all clearly care about formatting the site in a favorable way and someone or something is in your way, and I want them to know that the site needs to improve in really basic ways. It’s a very frustrating user experience that in a variety of ways, feels unfinished, or like an afterthought. Thank you for listening!


considering this is site feedback, this is the only post I’m legit gonna ‘bump’


I agree with much of what you’re saying, kcin. I hardly ever visit the actual Waypoint page anymore because I feel like it’s rare that something happens there that I need to see. It’s a shame, really, because as I’ve said elsewhere, I think this site is doing super-important things, so it’s disappointing not to have a reason to engage with the front end of it.