Disconnect Between Forum and Site


Sorry to gush, but that was a really thoughtful and lovely response that I’m sure was packed into an already hectic schedule. I just want to say that I love the whole team and so appreciate everything you’re doing. I come back to Waypoint again and again because of the genuine care that is so obviously behind all of what you all do. Thank you for everything!


Thanks for the insight! I hope you and your team get the support from Vice that you need to execute on your vision! Wherever the team’s output ends up, I’ll be there for it.


Thanks for the update Austin. I was just remarking to myself the other day that Waypoint’s podcast feed of late felt like the pace of the Idle Thumbs extended universe in its heyday. Turns out it was intentional! For the record, I still think At Play in the Carceral State is the best thing the site has put out (Guns and Games is a close second!).


Its really refreshing to see this post, and honestly just cements my opinion that what you’re trying to build with Waypoint is pretty unique and different from a large majority of “media” sites. Keep on doing the good stuff in whatever form that takes!!!

Was this just raw numbers of people watching whilst the stream was live? Just interested as personally I could almost never watch a stream live because of Timezones, but I really enjoyed catching up on the content and watched nearly all of the archived streams, so it would be a shame if this number missed out.

(none of this is to suggest what you’re doing is wrong, and you obviously have far more knowledge and access to figures on these things to guide you).


Yeah with that peek behind the curtain a lot of decisions and the changes in the site make a lot more sense. I will say it’s hard to support experimentation when you don’t know it’s happening, and you keep waiting for how things ‘used to be’ without knowing that things have simply changed, because you’re just too used to websites and communities Not Changing without fanfare or rioting. Now that I know that this is simply a new direction in experimentation I want to do my best to support the site wherever it goes, and sometimes that means asking questions. As I said up-thread, while behind I mostly interacted with the podcasts so this just makes my queue of things I’ll listen to longer and that’s not a bad thing.

Thanks for the update, Austin.


I’ll miss the frequent streams but this make complete sense and all the new podcasts that y’all have launched recently are fantastic. Thanks to you and the entire editorial staff for continuing to be very open with us!


For what it’s worth, you can always go into something from New Stories and clickthrough the link there – admittedly, that’s 3-4 clickthroughs to get to the Waypoint main page, but it’s still doable.

(Now that Austin has posted, I don’t have to feel guilty about posting here! Phew!!!)


Thanks for the update and the peek behind the curtain, Austin. It certainly gives one a greater appreciation of the challenges of running a media site in 2018.

For what it’s worth, I do really enjoy the Thursday Waypoints podcast. But I do have to echo a sentiment made earlier in the post: I am coming to view Waypoint as just a podcast I subscribe to, and as a result, I find myself visiting the actual site less. I will also say that the article read podcasts were always a great way to pull me to the main site and get me reading.

But that’s just one person’s pattern. You know better than any of us how these trends are playing out writ large. I look forward to see what direction 2019 takes y’all.


I guess I’ll use this space to say that 6 months ago the Waypoint streams helped me through a period of unfortunate illness that stopped my uni work dead in its tracks. Thank you to the whole crew for the footage and banter. While I’m probably not at a point where I’d watch a stream every day now, I’ll miss it, and the Waypoints podcast doesn’t really scratch an itch for me.

Hopefully soon we’ll see a streaming platform with space for more sustainable production. Until then I’ll still be reading the articles and listening to the Monday/Friday podcasts.