Discord Nitro is losing it's subscription catalog

As most Discord users probably noticed from the banner logging in today, it would seem Nitro is losing the game catalog that you get with it

The reason cited is that almost no one used the free game service which doesn’t come as much of surprise honestly. Maybe if it wasn’t so hidden more people would have used it… There isn’t a lot of games in the list but if you have Nitro you should probably check the list to see if there’s anything you at least want to try before it goes away. There is some great ones on there like Battle Chef Brigade and XCOM.

I used it quite a bit to just try out games. I don’t think I finished anything I downloaded but I really appreciated having a no-risk chance at a lot of games. I’ll probably pick up Battle Chef Brigade because it’s great when I get a switch, but the Nitro catalog helped me figure out I’m not into SoaSE or Wasteland 2 or Roller Coaster Tycoon and a couple others.