Discord's down, Waypoint forums are the new IRC


time to party

(P.S. real talk, issue seems to be the Google Cloud Platformstatus here.)


if we’re the new IRC then i must say i’m very excited for the new Jerk City


So what’s the new ICQ?

/join #discourse.zone

[15:16]*** Now talking in #discourse.zone
--Op-- Wazanator has joined the channel
[15:16]*** Topic is 'Discord is Down'
[15:16]*** Set by robowitch on Tuesday Jul 17 14:40:31

/kick #discourse.zone Wazanator


you don’t have that kind of power and i dont know how to use irc so wazanator stays


This is almost exactly how the first time I used irc went, tbh.

I was very covetous of power as a teen


Look, there’s an understanding that most conversations between forum mods, from 1998 - 2008 were spoken around a lunch table.


Leans back nostalgically

Now there’s a bloody nose I won’t forget.


This post threw me through a time vortex back into 2005





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