[Discussion] Is Anime Bad?


Pretty sure the official Waypoint account tweeted out that anime was bad once.

What do you all think?


Crunchyroll is currently in the midst of promoting an anime described as “A spiritual successor to Oreimo.”

So yeah, Anime is pretty frikken bad.


anime is great

except when it’s racist, and misogynist, and transphobic, and xenophobic, and relies on cheap fanservice instead of writing and characterization, and when the animation cuts corners, and when Mighty Whitey comes to save the day, and so so much more

but anime is great


I basically came in to echo this. Anime is great except for all the ways in which its suuuuper not



Of course this is one of the first posts on the Waypoint forum :joy:


Anime is.

It will always be.

It is our curse.


Oh boy, the forums just started and you are already asking the hard questions?

(i am okey with anime, i mostly like gundam which i just got into)


Anime is bad most of the time

but also sometimes anime is good


We’ve gotta get this outta the way early on, my dude


Anime a is very good bad thing that I enjoy sometimes.


I have an allergic reaction to anime doctors say it’s very serious


You ain’t wrong. Our legacy will be determined from here


hey guys i’m new to the server what’s anime?


not gonna lie i’m so mad about this thread…



More nuanced answer: Anime has as much potential to be good or bad as anything else, but when it’s bad it’s bad in a way I personally find especially bad.


anime is important




anime is blood my friends


I usually watch like, one anime a year. I really loved Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid because it was very sweet and very gay.