Disney Revives Beloved 'Battlefront II' As New, Shiny Version Enters Beta

As they try to play on new servers, fans are remembering just how much they loved old-school Battlefront, and how much they didn't love DICE's version.

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I don’t know, the biggest complaints around DICE’s Battlefront weren’t that it was bad mechanically, but that it was feature poor compared to Pandemic’s last outing. Even as someone that had a really good time with DICE’s Battlefront, those complaints were totally valid. This is something that Battlefront 2 seems to be fixing, with a complete single player campaign, a totally revamped star card system with unlocks for dozens of classes, vehicles, and heroes, and more scenarios in MP. Also free maps and modes coming down the line instead of splitting the player base.

I spent an hour or two with the beta last night, and I’m excited. The starfighter assault mode was fun, and I’m happy to say that air combat requires much more skill than in the first one.