DLC Villains Who Eventually Get The Spotlight


So I finished Dishonored 2 yesterday (in short: a fantastic game that I don’t think gets the appreciation it deserves), and it occurred to me this was the second time I’ve seen a particular phenomenon in video games: the main antagonist, Delilah Copperspoon, had appeared in the DLC for the first game back in 2013; the other example being Corypheus of Dragon Age: Inquisition, who was featured in the previous game’s Legacy DLC.

Two questions, then: what do we think of this as a narrative tactic to get people to play post-release content? And are there other video game villains who’ve made this kind of transition?


In Dragon Age’s case, I actually have a pretty serious problem with the way Bioware/EA have locked incredibly essential story content behind an additional paywall. I don’t have much of a leg to stand on when it comes to criticism, because I keep buying into it as a hopeless lore hound, but it drives me nuts all the same. I love these games, I love this world and I’d like to be able to share it without worrying about at least a 20%-40% interest charge, the fact that the majority of players never touch dlc, or the seemingly nonexistent push to preserve it for the long-term.

Without spoiling, Inquisition’s Trespasser expansion fully reveals 4’s likely antagonist and presents his motivation and I imagine the latter will be basically incomprehensible if you never played that dlc (Unless the rumors I’ve read are true and 4 is a complete reboot, which, like, I swear to fucking god…) and I think that just sorta blows


If you’re referring to Solas, wasn’t that reveal technically the “post-credits” bit at the end of the core game? Granted that Trespasser actually explained what all that was about, but you’d at least have the setup going in. With Corypheus and Delilah, I can’t imagine how much of a thud the big dramatic reveal would have if you had no clue who they were supposed to be.


Yeah, fair enough, I can see how Corypheus is probably even more confusing. By the time Legacy came out, DA 2 had long been left in the dust.