Do any of you play FFXIV

I’m excited for the expansion! I should probably catch up before it drops…

Yeah I’m trying to finish stuff off before stormblood also. I don’t really have the energy for lightgrinding though, so my relic may go unfinished at this rate.

I was literally playing it when this forum went live.

I ended up taking a huge break in the March Games Flood, and I was already behind, so I’m also probably not gonna get my relic before Stormblood either. Which is a shame.

What Job does everyone main? I’m Dragoon for life, please don’t make fun of me.

I’ve mostly been maining warrior, although I was a whm briefly in 2.4 (which was shortly after I started playing, but I had to go back to my first love, a giant axe).

I’m thinking about switching for SB, but I’m waiting to see what the combat and balance changes are. It’ll take a lot to pull me away from WAR, though, especially since we’re getting a gap-closer.

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I picked Astrologian for the styyyle, but refuse to do hunts.


I sure as heck do. I just made a post about that in the “what games are you playing thread” and have decided to link that instead of reposting it here cause that would be kinda odd What game are you playing?

I play on Balmung, with a Summoner named Tali’ra and a Bard named Aloyv (who I’m pretty much turning into a Red Mage as soon as Stormblood drops)

I’m still on the umbrite grind because I stopped playing for like a year, and I both do and don’t want to push myself to get relic done before Stormblood. I’ve mained BRD since 2.0 but I always feel bad about it nowadays because I never got used to using Wanderer’s and I’m sure my DPS is actual garbage.
The game is so pretty and my character is very cute, so I’m still happy to play it.

Started the free trial a little bit ago and still trying to get the hang of it. Still a few systems I don’t particularly understand, such as how I find materials for carpentry, or leather-working or crafts like that. Sometimes I’ll get through all my quests and not really know where to get to next. Love the graphics though, and the concept of leveling jobs instead of character. Playing on the PS4.

I’ve got all but MCH and a couple of crafters at 60 (and stuff not at 60 is still 50+), was mostly BRD in ARR, switched to NIN pre-HW, and then mostly AST from then on. Got Anima for AST and NIN (just completed NIN’s last night!).

I’m pumped for Stormblood and SAM (which was my main for most of XI) but I’ll probably stick to AST for a while so I’m not stuck in the DPS queue for eternity.

Yeah I saw some posts in ‘what are you playing’, but I figured that a live game like FFXIV would probably have the sort of regular discussion that befitted its own thread (even if we are in a bit of a lull right now, with over a month still to go before the expansion).

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Honestly I’m using this time to drag some friends of mine into playing it now, especially since its free to level 30 now, its kinda the perfect excuse to get them to at least try it out.

My subscription just lapsed and I’m waiting to get a bit more money in before I head back in. I do love that game, but it’s a slow burn once you reach level 40+ and coming hot off of Diablo 3, it’s maybe that bit too slow for me in any roleplaying situation.

Playing as we speak! Currently leveling fishing, which maybe means I’m too far gone.

I main DRG and took a long break, so I’ve recently been finishing my relic (almost done with umbrite) and leveling gatherers and other melee DPS. Will defefinitely give SAM a spin when Stormblood drops but I’m a DRG for life.

May level WAR in the post-stormblood rush of people leveling DPS (it’s at 50 right now, where it has sat since before Heavensward) but I get tank anxiety sometimes so we’ll see.

I got it in December and caught up with the main quests just in time for the final story patch for this cycle. At this point I’m a little lost because there’s so much stuff I can do but most of it’s a little grind-y. I’m hoping to get a few more classes to 60 before the expansion (I’ve only got MNK all the way there as of now). I’ve almost got DRG and weaver up there, and maybe WAR after that. Fortunately a lot of this grinding is a good time for listening to like, podcasts or music.

One thing I’m a little sad about tho is it’s hard to queue for old raids. I hope maybe they’ll incentivize that more after stormblood launches

SCH/WAR, Hyperion, stopped raiding after Midas due to grad school. Currently living/loving the casual life and grinding out achievement points (server top 5, world top 100ish). Trying to finish Diadem and big fishing before Stormblood.

I’m hoping the expansion changes the game up a lot because it’s gotten a bit too comfortable since ARR. I remember feeling that fabled ‘sense of wonder’ about the game back when I first started playing in 1.0 and only briefly got it back in the early days of 2.0-2.2. Obviously, back in the old 1.0 days, the game itself was trash and the untold stories that the world design hinted at were more a product of a rushed dev cycle than any intentional design decision. All the same, trekking through level 90+ zones to hidden villages and castles that contained zero content admirably produced that sense of wonder.

With current patches, I don’t get that feeling very much anymore. I think it’s because they’re too compact and packaged. There’s not enough miscellaneous fluff that hints at things to come, other than story telegraphs, because the patch cycle is so aggressive. This extra stuff is cut to make a neater package, rather than putting it out there long before it’s relevant and letting people speculate.

I dunno. I have complicated feelings about this game now, even as I still log in every day. I think my /playtime is over 300 days now. I’ve mentioned in other places that this game is perfect for the MMO tourist because it has an incredible amount of content that’s produced at an incredible pace—perfect for those who are perpetually ‘catching up’ and will never want for something to do.


Summoner right now. But Red Mage is my favorite Final Fantasy job every so I’ll be grinding away when Stormblood launches.

I’m on Lamia (Primal data center) if anyone wants to run content together!

I play this game way too much.
I started with Dragoon and then went to Dark Knight.
I’m switching to Samurai for Stormblood, because I’m hoping it’s closer to the way Dragoon was in 2.x

Blood of the Dragon rather annoying.

I was playing since the beginning of the year, but I ran out of things to do untli the new expansion so I took a break :sweat_smile:

Last thing I was doing was the Umbrite step for the Anima weapon… those damn sands :tired_face:

What Job does everyone main?

I kinda ping pong between PLD and DRK as most, MT people do, and I really don’t know what I’m going to do for Stormblood! I really like all three tanks but WAR doesnt mesh well with me for some reason, and light grinding for my PLD relic kind of just, broke me in that like, it made DRK way harder, in comparison, bc its So Easy…

I’m probably still going to level DRK to 70 first? Then either WHM or SAM or DRG or PLD, depending on stuff.

Can’t wait to level WAR and PLD while helping all of my fc level SAM and RDM tho

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I main White Mage, and generally play the healers. The only DPS I play is Summoner because it came with Scholar. I want to level up Astrologian before Stormblood comes out but leveling stuff feels kinda tedious, especially in the pre-50 range where you don’t have a full kit yet. I’m White Mage for life though, come hell or high water. I hope they get some party synergy stuff in the future since Astrologian is king of raid comp healers right now because of the Balance.

I’ve been playing for two years or so. I’m Madiha Nakar on Balmung, if you see me around somewhere.