Do any of you weirdos like William Gibson?


i count him as among my favorite authors even though i only really LOVED Neuromancer. i’ve probably read it six times, which i can’t say about many books. after my first mind-blowing read of it i tried to move on to other stuff of his and nothing ever felt as good for some reason. i eventually read idoru, all tomorrow’s parties and spook country. i tried to start count zero probably three times and always got kinda bored with it - i don’t really remember why, to be honest, it was over ten years ago now … maybe i’ll give it another shot.

a couple years back he did a reading in seattle. i hadn’t really given much thought to mr. gibson in several years, but i jumped at the chance to see him in person and it was rad. he was reading from his new at the time book The Peripheral, which i bought because they were selling it and i figure why not. i actually thought it was really damn good. i guess that was… 2014? anyone else read that one?


I really enjoyed The Peripheral, although I’m a bit scared to re-read it now given the changes to the political climate since it was written. I also think Count Zero’s multiple storylines are a bit hard follow initially because you don’t understand how things fit together, but it rewards sticking with it — it’s one of my favourites, alongside Pattern Recognition.


I’ve only read Neuromancer and although it wasn’t a favorite, it’s impossible to read that book without reflecting upon how it created the framework for a great deal of modern cyberpunk. I appreciate it for that and will recommend it for that reason, even if I wouldn’t re-read it myself.

It’s certainly a book where you need to acknowledge the context of the time it was created. I feel similarly about Bladerunner.


I love most of Gibson’s stuff. Read Neuromancer as a teen, then went on to devour Count Zero and Mona Lisa Overdrive. It felt really good just doing the Sprawl trilogy head on like that. Burning Chrome was a great part of this as well.

Of his more recent stuff, I like Pattern Recognition the most of what I have read. I think it’s wonderful.

Reading his stuff as a teenager really changed the way I looked at speculative fiction in general, which was a combination of his style and the near-future believability of it (I was born in 1976. Read Neuromancer when I was about 16, so 1992ish.)


Great to see so much love for Pattern Recognition, a book I completely fell in love with. Most of Gibson’s books are amazing but this one was such a different beast for me. I was obsessed with it after my first read and It keeps getting better everytime I revisit it.
Gibson was actually the second author I decided to read in English once I felt confident enough with the language (I’m French). I have to admit that I had to go back to “easier” novels as my first attempt at reading Neuromancer and the Lord of the Ring were really frustrating. I’m so glad I didn’t give up as it allowed me to progress and discover the glory of the original texts, despite the fact that most translations are actually fairly good.


Aw yeah a thread for lil ole me! I love Gibson! Started with Neuromancer obvs but also got into and really dug Burning Chrome and The Diamond Age. Reading through The Peripheral right now and I’m super digging it. Also the OP saying that Dark Souls explains itself a lot is something I extremely relate to lol