Do fish have feet?

do fish have feet

  • Yes, fish are worthy of our love and affection
  • No, fish are but the fodder of petty dalliance

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For your consideration: bichir%20fish

the lovely bichir!!

Fish have feet.
Edit: more proof


Fish don’t have feet. They do not toe up, play footsie, hail from a divine leg, house a sacred :footprints:, sacrifice toenails, sync w escalators, march in flux w universe.
They just want the superficial benefits of an anatomical construct but don’t bear the stripes.

(Disclaimer: this is based on this extremely good tweet by @yourgirlmelt)

Feet is a state of mind.

Do fish have relationships?

No, fish do not have the sweetie feeties, which is why they live underwater to hide their perpetual shame and disgrace.


If recall correctly, morphologically speaking fish do have feet. Or to be more precise, feet are nothing more but modified fins.

If fish do not have feet, then explain this photograph I have obtained from famed house of truths Google Images.


Sweeties Fishies

i dont remember who but someone on the labo stream said that whales have feet. i have not slept since

You can’t let yourself sleep.

Now that you know The Secret Of The Whales, they will come for you…

And you know that they can come for you because as you know, they got feets they can walk on.

i’d like to submit the deep sea toadfish for consideration… not only does he have feet but he flaunts them


Wow the next Monster Hunter looks weird


IIIII dunno. Sounds fishy. I don’t think that claim has a lot of legs. Not holding a lot of water in my book.

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Of course it doesn’t hold water, the whales have feet not hands.

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Everything I know about fish I learned from Sega’s hit 1999 game Seaman. They say yes.

@Dapp thank you for changing this from Video Games, I don’t know why I put it there

But this should CLEARLY be in Lifestyle.

Feets isn’t a phase