"... do not give into astonishment."


What was the quote that’s been on the podcast recently? I’m trying to find reference to it, but don’t remember what episode it was discussed in, or what this quote was all about.

It was especially good, as it referred to the tendency of people to give in to fascist ideologies.


I got you, fam.





@kapslocked I think you’re thinking of the part 54 minutes and 40 seconds into Episode 199 (The True Horror of Lovecraft) where Natalie references “do not give into astonishment” when talking about resisting the spectacle of problematic media. Yes I spent way too long trying to find that timestamp.


You all are awesome! I kept running into stuff about Terrance McKenna through googling, but Natalie’s rant on this is on the nose. Here’s what I transposed from that clip on Episode 199:

It is what Rob says at the end of every Waypoints - “Do not give into astonishment!” Right? Don’t accept - and it is what we talked about in Red Dead Redemption today - don’t accept the spectacle for what it is. Don’t just - don’t just, don’t be so superf- - you are deeper than that, you can think more deeply than that. Everyone can think more deeply than that. The spectacle is dazzling, it’s beautiful, it’s entertaining, it’s enjoyable. But. When there are real-world implications all around you, it is important to have the second thought. [continues on about The Purge]


If you are digging that sentiment, might be worth your while to check out Guy Debord’s Society of the Spectacle if you’re not familiar with it.



I feel blessed to be the first person to <3 this. It’s brilliant


If a terrible catastrophe befalls the earth and the only thing left out of waypoint is this video it will have been worth it just for the effect it would have on the postapocalyptic culture