Do you believe in Santa?


For all you who celebrate Christmas, how long did you believed in Santa or did you ever believed in Santa?

It was around 8 years old where I started to not believe in Santa. Maybe it was cause I wanted stuff from my family instead of some man I can never meet.


Hideo Kojima 100% believes in Santa Claus




Santa is real and has only gotten realer over time.


I probably believed in Santa longer than God. His morality made more sense, and he delivered an observable miracle every year.


I was 8 when I found Santa’s wrapping paper under the couch. The world was never the same.


One year I got George of the Jungle on VHS and the logic behind the elves having a hand in it was a little too far-fetched.


It was pretty traumatic for my tbh. It was on my 11th birthday which seems late considering I was pretty smart and had questioned it before (I started noticing things like the oranges in the stocking having the same label as the ones we had in the fruit bowl), but my parents did a lot to maintain the illusion, so generally being quite trusting this was the last bit of magic that I just accepted without questioning it too much.

It came up as a discussion in class in June, believe it or not, and it was given away to me then. My mother worked at the school, so I left the classroom quickly to go to hers, dragged her out of class to confront her on the topic. I was extremely upset not really about the concept, but about having been lied to for so long.

I am unlikely to have kids so I don’t know for sure how I’d handle it. My sister wants to do the Santa thing with my nephews, which I’m okay with, but I don’t think they should try too hard to keep the illusion going once they start to question it.

Apart from anything else, it makes it harder to talk about other concepts that maybe it’s a good idea to question. So I just think it shouldn’t go on too long.


Growing up in a religious environment wound up instilling such a strong idea of blind faith in me that I really never questioned my belief in Santa until right before I decided I no longer believed in him.

I recall once in the 4th grade a few of my classmates took a survey of who believed and didn’t believe in Santa which wasn’t particularly mean-spirited, but also not particularly nice.

This was really the first time I was forced to confront my belief and I remember being afraid of the potential results of the survey as well as slightly embarrassed to still believe in Santa when several of my other classmates had already moved on. Ultimately I came to the conclusion that the survey would only really serve to make people who didn’t believe in Santa feel bad and decided to keep believing mostly because it was most familiar.

Some time later – possibly even the same year, I don’t remember – the moment of truth came when my younger cousins and I stumbled upon a closet at my grandparents’ house where they’d hidden our unwrapped gifts. As the oldest I felt the responsibility to explain the situation in a way that would allow them to maintain their belief in Santa.

After that moment passed I realized while I thought I still believed in Santa, a part of me knew I was lying to my cousins when I told them he was real.

Then I remember thinking about how I would break the news to my parents/trying to figure out if not believing in Santa meant I would get less gifts.


When I was 6 or so years old, I remember waking up one Christmas Eve night around midnight and hearing jingling bells coming from somewhere. I was certain had to be Santa Claus.

For years, I held on to that memory as tightly as I could, holding it aloft as proof that Santa Claus was real, because I heard the bells on his sleigh. Even as kids at school told me he wasn’t real, even as other doubts began to creep in to my mind, I fought to hold on to my faith.

Like others in this thread, though, you reach a certain age where you start trying to peek at your Christmas presents, and by then the jig is up. Did Santa Claus get me Donkey Kong Country on the SNES? No. I saw it under my Mom’s bed while she was at work.

The ultimate letdown finally came as we were going through Christmas decorations one year and buried under old boxes of ornaments, I found big, heavy jingling bells on a leather string.

In spite of all this, my Mom always makes sure there’s at least one present under the tree signed “Santa Claus” even though I am 34. And honestly, I kind of like that.


We never did the Santa thing growing up and I’m legitimately annoyed that people keep trying to convince my child that Santa exists.


He is the apex of the tactical espionage action idyll. It’s why so few people believe he exists.


small brain: santa is real
medium brain: santa is fake
large brain: santa is my dad
tool cover: everything is fake ergo santa is real


I believed… then I didn’t believe… but now I’ve grabbed life by my own hands, and fellows… I’m the Santa now.


My parents do the same thing, where on Christmas Eve my family sets out stockings, and on Christmas morning my parents will have set out one, unwrapped gift by each (now candy-filled) stocking. The presents are dubbed “Santa presents” to this day. Also, when my mom spends the rest of the day on the phone with various family members she always asks: “so what did Santa get you this year?” regardless of if the person she’s talking to is her 8 year old niece or her 60 year old brother.

I found out Santa wasn’t real when my dad dropped something heavy on his foot setting out one of the aforementioned “Santa presents” and started cursing up a storm at like 1AM. It was like something out of a movie. Honestly though, like some other people in this thread I was beginning to have doubts that Santa could get all the deals in check to produce and distribute PlayStations.


Personally I’m eggnogstic


Only if Santa believes in me.


No religion in our home growing up, but we were still lead to believe in Santa as children. The illusion didn’t last long, I was questioning it by 5, and had decided he wasn’t real by 6. Same for the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy.

My mom does this too. We don’t just get presents from Santa though, the cats are usually in on the act as well.


Santa is a tulpa, made alive by our collective consciousness.


I didn’t believe in Santa for a super long time because I was the youngest of three kids, so my sister losing her belief caused a chain reaction. I do my best to keep the older kids at my job from spoiling it for the younger ones who still believe for this exact reason. They’re usually pretty good about it, but every once in a while you get this one kid. Bluh…