Do you guys think patrick is cute or what #Klepek #Handsome


i do. he has a kinda nerd chic about him. post your favorite pic of patrick


This Patrick Klepek is hanging up in my hallway. It’s probably my favorite by far.


this image has supplanted how i picture patrick




nice try Patrick Klepek Sockpuppet Account


What are you talking about I know about things that aren’t the Bears!! Like…uh…The Walking Dead. And Spelunkey! And the BearsSHIT


Just a reminder that the staff of Waypoint read the forums and to keep this lighthearted versus creepy. Don’t dehumanize the peeps that work on the site, who are still people.


By far the best looking Anime Editor in games journalism.


After reviewing with the mod team, we’d prefer that threads focusing on a person’s look can skate into a bad look or uncomfy situation really fast so we’re going to close this.