Do you have any good cross media double Features?


So I just saw Annihilation (which was dope!) and thought it would make a great companion piece to Arkane’s Prey. Both are about encounters with an alien other, the shifting nature of identity, and uh… both have Benedict Wong in them.

It reminded me of the few other times I’ve thought about this like with the wonderfully surreal , and darkly funny Swedish film Songs from the Second Floor and the similarly tragic and stark video game Inside.

I think it’s interesting to think about how different elements of media, with vastly different aesthetic values, can collide. This kind of cross media examination can expand how we think about those works. Seeing the threads between different mediums will never not be exhilarating for me.

So what other films would be good companion pieces to video games? What albums would make interesting companions to books? What paintings would go well with what poems?

What examples of this do ya’ll have?


There is something I can’t quite put my finger on that in my head makes Drive and Hotline Miami a great pair together. Just a mix of ultra violence but also searching for the perfect execution, also the neon look in both is to die for


Half Life 2 and Children of Men

The Thing and The Ship

Carpenter Brut and basically any neon-soaked action arcade game, e.g. Hotline Miami