Do you like aspect ratios?

I love them. All my favorite movies are shot in an aspect ratio. Oh, my favorite? Has to be the academy ratio 1.37:1, defining the look of classic cinema.

But what’s your take? Discuss below. All values are welcome, except the unfathomably boring 16:9.


I love 1:1.414 (square root of 2)! It’s super neat how you can fold a piece of paper with it in half and end up with one that has the same ratio.


Oh, irrational!

Bring back 16:10! I want all of my console games to look a little taller


I do like one of them. And no, I will not say which one. :smirk:


Static aspect ratios are old hat.

I heard that before E3 was cancelled that Sega was going to show off the Dreamcast 2. The main selling point? Dynamic aspect ratios.

Games can adjust their aspect ratios on the fly thanks to a new breakthrough in projector technology. Imagine you’re playing GTA 7 and you look up at a sky scraper. The aspect ratio would change to completely frame just the building for that moment in the cut scene. It’s going to take gaming to the next level!


I’ve been watching a ton of Simpsons reruns on Disney Plus as a sort of quarantine comfort food. What I would give for a good old 4:3 right now.


I’ve been getting into 1:1. It’s always such a fun surprise to happen across an aspect ratio that’s taller than it is wide, until… Wrong, friend! That’s actually a square!


I like a good 1.9:1, as it lets me keep being smug about letterboxing on my stupidly expensive 4k TV.

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games are finally catching up with film! this time it’s the real deal!!

I hate em.

Fullscreen AND widescreen dvd’s?!?!? They’re bleeding us dry!


I was deep into releasing all my games at 4:3 for a minute, but the method i used in Unity didn’t play nice with the UI canvas. Having to bring Can Androids Pray back to 16:9 / 16:10 hurt.


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