Do you like hiking and camping and other nature activities? I sure do!

I was a Boy Scout as a kid. I did it just to camp and only did the fun merit badges and never ranked up. My dad loved camping, too, so it became an important (but fairly infrequent) part of my childhood. Then my parents got divorced, I started high school, and stopped doing outdoorsy stuff until after I graduated college.

For the past two years, I’ve been hiking more and more and even fit in a few camping trips here and there. It’s an activity my wife and I do together about once a week. We don’t share any other hobbies so I really value it in our relationship. Finally we’ve saved up enough money that we can buy some cheap camping equipment (you can pick up solid two person tents for like ~$100) to start going much more frequently. We live in NE Ohio, and there are lots of great parks and trails nearby, including a national park. Hopefully we’ll be able to fit in some trips to northern Michigan next year.

Does anyone else here enjoy the outdoors? Other outdoor stuff (kayaking, climbing, etc) is welcome too!

I love the outdoors! Growing up in Texas was a drag because so much of where we loved was private land. Now living in Utah there’s a ton of public land all around.

My wife and I really enjoy hammock camping. It’s so much more comfortable than sleeping on the ground, and there’s less to pack. I highly recommend that everyone who camps try it once.

I also love fly fishing. I tie my own flies and always release the fish. It’s a spiritual activity for me, it’s nice to be alone in the mountains, wading in water, and being extra mindful of my activities within nature.

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I live between a lake and a meadow so I feel like I’m surrounded by nature anyway. I bought some skates a few years back because I wanted to get more active (I play volleyball once a week but it’s not a very intensive group of competitors). I broke my elbow after an hour due to some bad ice.

I worked as a mineral prospector for a while and that’s a really fun job for outdoor types. Going up and down every logging road or cabin trail looking for streams and rock formations that might indicate valuable minerals are present. One day a hunter told us about a potential deposit so we climbed a mountain to find it. After leaving empty handed we met him again and found out we climbed the wrong mountain so we went did it again the next day.

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I’m a hiker and a climber mostly! I used to backpack pretty regularly, but its too much of a time commitment lately, unfortunately!

I also live in UT, which means I’m never more than 20 minutes from good to great climbing! There are literally just a row of canyons with completely different geological makeups, and they’re all super close. I can climb on granite one afternoon and quartzite the next! I haven’t been for a couple years due to life stuff and injuries, but I’m hoping to get back out there this season.


I’m very jealous of people out west. I have lots of great hiking trails here in Cleveland, but very little good climbing. I used to go to a rock gym but it was too far away and too expensive to keep up. Proper outdoor climbing is such a dream for me. I’m going to Colorado for the first time this year so hopefully I’ll have the chance then.

yes of course hiking and camping is a common favorite.

hiking is interesting in any age, camping in my humble opinion more interesting when you are a child, but it’s still good in any age

I am fond of hiking, tracking, and so on. It’s something about freedom and integration in nature. Like the feeling of being tet-a-tet with nature. :slightly_smiling_face:

This winter cannot end fast enough. I live in a hilly part of NJ and there’s tons of great hiking spots. Meanwhile I’m stuck at home all day…

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It’s actually super nice out where I am today (East PA). Nearly 60. Feels like there are gonna be good days coming up to go on a hike.

I fucked up today and went to work. :frowning:

I’m very jealous of people out west. I have lots of great hiking trails here in Cleveland, but very little good climbing.

You’re not far from several amazing climbing destinations, but net exactly close either. All of the ones I can think of are ~6+ hours drive away (if you stick to speed limits). I was born and raised in Southern Ontario, and I really miss the eastern crags. The Gunks, the Dacks, Rumney, the New, but especially above all others, the Red River Gorge. Then again, the Red probably doesn’t exist the way I remember it from two decades ago. Not saying it is any worse (in some ways it is probably better), but nothing stays the same forever.

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Went on my first hike of this year this weekend. Very relaxed, couple miles on flat terrain. Mostly trudging through mud and getting stuck in thorn bushes. Too icy for much else still. Our local national park got a wonderful new visitor center we checked out as well.

Right now I’m just itching for it get to get warm enough to get backpacking again and use this cheap inflatable kayak we got for Christmas.

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