Do you like Martial Arts films?


Yes!! I was super into em for a while! Mostly stuff from the 90s. My faves were the Fong Sai-Yuk movies (there were 3 i think??). I don’t really remember the plot. Jet Li and Josephine Josephine Siao play a young man and his mom and they do a fighting.
The movies action comedies about a folk hero. A lot of the comedy is dated or didn’t translate well!

But some of it did and sometimes the movies are extremely cool good and fun.
Josephine Siao rules.


I love martial arts movies, especially the old school ones with the bad dubbing, it just adds to the charm.

In more modern ones, has anybody watched Into the Badlands?


I watched Journey to the West: Conquering Demons on the recommendation of this thread. I forgot how amazing Stephen Chow is. It made me want a Stephen Chow Iron Fist/Shang Chi movie. It honestly isn’t even that great of a fit, but I’d prefer Looney Toons slapstick over the dumpster fire that was the Iron Fist Netflix show.

Nah, man. Jackie Chan movies are bullets. He does some of the best physical comedy and stunt work. Never be ashamed to love Jackie.


Love Martial arts movies! My favourite currently is probably Raid, but I’ve watched alot of older stuff like The Kickboxer and Blood Sport with my dad as a kid. Also, as a shounen manga fan I pretty much have to have at least some appreciation for the tournament arc structure, so yeah martial arts films are cool.


I can’t recommend Bloodsport 2 enough to Bloodsport fans. They actually made three sequels to Bloodsport but 2 is extremely goofy and fun. It’s also very very 90s to the first one’s 80sness. They couldn’t get Jean Claude Van Damme back so they got Daniel Bernhardt who’s basically the person you higher if you want Van Damme but can’t afford him and he’s just as good honestly.

As far as the more out there fantasy wuxia flicks go, my favorite ever is always going to be Swordsman II: Asia the Invincible. It’s awesome for too many reasons to recount here, but I believe you can see the whole movie on YouTube because no one cares about it. Definitely worth checking out.

The Raid and its sequel are sooooo good. The sequel is surprisingly gruesome at times and even has a really really well shot car chase, plus one of the best knife fights ever filmed towards the end.


Bloodsport 2:

Swordsman II: Asia the Invincible:


Repeat all the Jackie Chan love forever. Grew up on his stuff, he is the best. Also +1 for The Raid 1&2 mentions.

Only thing I have to add that I didn’t see mentioned is Jet Li’s ‘Fist of Legend’ and ‘Hero.’

Fist of Legend was the first MA movie that got my attention and got me interested in martial arts movies outside of Jackie Chan.


With Absolver coming out next week I feel like I should bump this.

I hear Birth if a Dragon is terrible.


Real talk the Raid films have spoiled me and made it hard to enjoy any other martial arts films. I’m just not entranced by them in the same way anymore.


I love, love, love Jackie Chan. His movies always makes me very happy. Don’t know a lot about the genre otherwise, although as mentioned Tony Jaa and The Raid are great stuff. As soon as wires are involved and it turns magical I’m not as into it. These movies are both about having fun but also about being amazed at what humans can do.


Same with the wire-fu stuff. However, weirdly, put it inside the context of it being inside a simulation ala The Matrix and I’m totally fine with it.

You’d think with that in mind I’d be able to suspend my disbelief more for magic. shrugs


Are you not enjoying Wuxia because of the Raid because I tend to put the two so far apart that the skill in making one doesn’t affect my love of the other.


I love Wuxia movies because of all the Chinese myth and philosophy that are in them. They are like the closest equivalent to an Asian Lord of the Rings.


There are exceptions to the rule. I really like House of Flying Daggers. And I wouldn’t say I don’t enjoy them because of the Raid necessarily although if I was presented the option of watching wuxia or something more like the Raid I’d go with the latter.

Maybe I’ve just had bad luck and watched the wrong wuxia films.


House of Flying Daggers is definitely my favourite wuxia.


I do Love to watch Martial arts movies!! Though mostly go for Jackie Chan…:wink:


It’s probably my favorite genre but it’s been awhile since I’ve watched something I’ve really loved. Need to watch the Raid movies though.


I absolutely do. Sonny Chiba is my boy – I’ll watch the Street Fighter series any day of the week (old exploitation flicks are just one of my things). Stephen Chow is just happiness on celluloid, too; Shaolin Soccer is a chicken soup movie, and I recently enjoyed his Journey to the West flick. Outside of those, Lady Snowblood, I think, is a legitimate masterpiece.


I adore martial arts films. Many of them are among my favorite movies list.

Once upon a time in China, The Raid franchise, IP Man, Wheels on Meals, Drunken Master, Police Story and so on are truly awesome films.


I’d recommend this to anyone who is interested in Chinese/Martial Arts cinema. One of my favorite films:


My friends were into them in middle school and high school, but they’ve never done anything for me. Sure, I liked some of Jackie Chan’s stuff, like Rumble in the Bronx, but other than that no.

I tried, but I always found them boring.